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Shake & Co's Hamlet: The NY Times likes!!

'Who wants a mopey, sniveling Hamlet on a close summer night? Mr. Asprey's Dane, more choleric than melancholy, feels just right for the season of adventure movies and page-turners.' (W00T!)

'. . .not only is Ms. Packer playing Hamlet's mother to her son's Hamlet, but her husband (and Mr. Asprey's stepfather), Dennis Krausnick, also shows up as the pompous Polonius. How's that for a family outing, Dr. Freud?' (Hehehehe.)

Anyway, YAY! <--the full article.

25)) The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists, Gideon Defoe
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This is my 1000th post. Crazy times.

V for Vendetta, Alan Moore

In Massachusetts, where it is gorgeous weather. I saw my first live production of Hamlet yesterday at Shake&Co. Jason Asprey was brill, as was his mum, Tina Packer, as Gertrude. How awesome is that casting?

[livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel and I went canoeing just now. The waves gave us a little ride XD

Seeing "Superman Returns" tonight.

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From [livejournal.com profile] roguebelle: Post some Shakespeare in your journal.

There's nothing in this world can make me joy:
Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale
Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man;
And bitter shame hath spoil'd the sweet world's taste
That it yields nought but shame and bitterness.

Before the curing of a strong disease,
Even in the instant of repair and health,
The fit is strongest; evils that take leave,
On their departure most of all show evil:
What have you lost by losing of this day?

All days of glory, joy and happiness.

If you had won it, certainly you had.
No, no; when Fortune means to men most good,
She looks upon them with a threatening eye.
'Tis strange to think how much King John hath lost
In this which he accounts so clearly won:
Are not you grieved that Arthur is his prisoner?

As heartily as he is glad he hath him.

Your mind is all as youthful as your blood.
Now hear me speak with a prophetic spirit;
For even the breath of what I mean to speak
Shall blow each dust, each straw, each little rub,
Out of the path which shall directly lead
Thy foot to England's throne; and therefore mark.
John hath seized Arthur; and it cannot be
That, whiles warm life plays in that infant's veins,
The misplaced John should entertain an hour,
One minute, nay, one quiet breath of rest.
A sceptre snatch'd with an unruly hand
Must be as boisterously maintain'd as gain'd;
And he that stands upon a slippery place
Makes nice of no vile hold to stay him up:
That John may stand, then Arthur needs must fall;
So be it, for it cannot be but so.

But what shall I gain by young Arthur's fall?

You, in the right of Lady Blanch your wife,
May then make all the claim that Arthur did.

And lose it, life and all, as Arthur did.

How green you are and fresh in this old world!
John lays you plots; the times conspire with you;
For he that steeps his safety in true blood
Shall find but bloody safety and untrue.
This act so evilly born shall cool the hearts
Of all his people and freeze up their zeal,
That none so small advantage shall step forth
To cheque his reign, but they will cherish it;
No natural exhalation in the sky,
No scope of nature, no distemper'd day,
No common wind, no customed event,
But they will pluck away his natural cause
And call them meteors, prodigies and signs,
Abortives, presages and tongues of heaven,
Plainly denouncing vengeance upon John.

May be he will not touch young Arthur's life,
But hold himself safe in his prisonment.

O, sir, when he shall hear of your approach,
If that young Arthur be not gone already,
Even at that news he dies; and then the hearts
Of all his people shall revolt from him
And kiss the lips of unacquainted change
And pick strong matter of revolt and wrath
Out of the bloody fingers' ends of John.
Methinks I see this hurly all on foot:
And, O, what better matter breeds for you
Than I have named! The bastard Faulconbridge
Is now in England, ransacking the church,
Offending charity: if but a dozen French
Were there in arms, they would be as a call
To train ten thousand English to their side,
Or as a little snow, tumbled about,
Anon becomes a mountain. O noble Dauphin,
Go with me to the king: 'tis wonderful
What may be wrought out of their discontent,
Now that their souls are topful of offence.
For England go: I will whet on the king.

Strong reasons make strong actions: let us go:
If you say ay, the king will not say no. Exeunt
From 'King John', Act 3 Scene 4

Also from [livejournal.com profile] roguebelle, cause I was taggled.

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PICTURES FROM SHAKE&CO! Go forth and see them.
These are by no means ALL the pictures I have, by the way. Indeed, there are more than 300 of those. These are mere highlights, meaning they all either a) include me or b) are one of my favorites or c) both of the above. It has been promised that a server will be set up for uploading all our pictures, so I'm going to save the rest of them for that.

Now that I am back I am starting to wonder whether I am, in fact, much different from when I left. I think the immediate answer is yes, in some respects. But this requires more pondering.

Or perhaps I should just stop pondering and start observing.

Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts and Which One Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
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Tonight I swing-danced, tangoed, kissed, cuddled, never-evered, snapped, shook, clapped, laughed, and partied. My mouth tastes like salty sweat and tears and cigarette aftertaste and vodkaandorangejuice.

One of the best parts is I actually ceased to be drunk long ago.
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Who would direct my life? )

I wonder how John Landis would handle last night. It would probably be something right up his alley. Drinking, smoking, snogging, general debauchery, and our heroine figures out that she actually can (very easily I might add) be a "bad girl". And that actually getting off her ass and having fun is... well, fun.

Larry Hall (the place where they've got us holed up) is still quiet. Breakfast isn't for another 15 minutes. The early risers are all out running or doing laundry or showering. The heavy partiers are still in bed. Me, I'm somewhere in the middle; awake but with the slightest hangover. And a whole lotta mosquito bites on my feet and ankles (new discovery this summer: not scratching them actually makes them STOP ITCHING. Even the new ones don't itch as much. Whoda thunk?).

Last night I dreamed that Nick Stahl was a part of the 1-Second Film documentary, and that AVATAR was featured in the film as well. It was so featured it was listed as a cast member. Lol.

A linkie I was given and must save.
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What kind of a porno would you star in? )
Bahaha. It is to laugh.

Tomorrow is our last Monday here... which is significant, as Mondays are our day off. Planning to go swimming, chillax, bond, cuddle, and eventually do some RPing :D Tonight is party night, ohyes.

I'll be heading back home in just a few hours more than a week o_O Which is, um. Surreal. Yeah. How am I always so surprised at how fast things go, even when I expect them to?

Today's a good day.
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*Quoting Eddie Izzard still brings me great pleasure, even when I've said the quotes so many times they're not really funny to me anymore.
*I found a four-leaf clover.
*Bon Jovi is outside the Chain of Being.
*I love my five-year-old self.
*Blue and Yellow make Green.
*I wish I'd realized sooner how easy it is to make friends.
*But I'm glad I know it now.

(might seem hypocritical in light of yesterday's post, but keep in mind I don't do EVERY meme I run across ~__^)
yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] scytheandroses

A) Choose any number of musicals and list them.

-The Secret Garden
-Little Shop of Horrors
-Notre Dame de Paris
-Into the Woods
-Once on This Island
-The Frogs

B) If anyone should be so curious, respond to this post. I will tell you what character you msot remind me of from each of these musicals.

Bear in mind I may not cast you as someone of your gender. Cause I'm like that.

Some quizzes, and the awesomest chat EVER )
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We had a lecture today on the Elizabethan World Picture, but it was prefaced by a whole bunch of history leading up to Elizabethan times. Dennis, the lecturer, brought up the idea that when Britain was converting to Christianity, the churches would be built on top of old Druid sites because the people would just keep coming back to the same place to worship.

ME: So they were basically tricked into becoming Christian?
DENNIS: Not tricked exactly... Were you tricked into buying a cell phone?

He went on to say about how most people don't put much stock in religion, that to the people at the time it was just like the changing of a trend. Even today, people go to church not because they actually believe in it, but because Christianity is "the way things are". Most people simply want something that can explain the world for them, so that they can live their life and raise their kids. Most people, he said, if they are tortured enough or offered enough money, will change their faith. There are some who would not, and stick to what they believe, but, he says, "They are in a vast minority."

You guys haven't heard me mention Dennis before, but he has an uncanny ability to say things that make me think. I thought to myself, would I change what I believe under pressure? Honestly, I'm not so sure about torture, but I certainly wouldn't do it for money. Even if the threat was so great that I was forced to fold or lose my life, I probably would continue to be a Pagan in secret.

And I would like to add that while I wasn't exactly tricked into getting a cell phone, my family did wait until we actually saw a need to get them before we did... Not just cause "everyone else was doing it".

It makes me rather sad that people will follow something simply because it's the status quo. Especially something as personal as religion.
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Clown class is the best thing ever. I am rather good at surviving, even if I'm not terribly funny.

For once my f-list is completely bereft of amusing quizzes and/or memes for me to take. DAM YOO F-LIST.
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So I just realized I've been here a whole week and haven't actually written about anything that was going on, aside from Harry Potter. I suppose since everything that was happening was very whirlwind-of-emotions, in-your-face, hard-to-put-into-words stuff. Plus, since most of the activities involve people sharing their deep, dark secrets, we're asked not to share too much about what goes on.

Still, something just happened that is quite easy to put into words:
I just met some British boooyyyzzz

They are Simon, Simon, Simon, Sam, Jason, and a few others whose names don't start with S. They're here at Shakespeare & Company doing a 10-day run of a short play called "Jack the Juggler". It isn't the greatest thing, but it's cute, and they're all rather good actors. My favorite of them is Sam, who is very wiry and extremely expressive... Of course he's the only one of them who turns out to be gay. Go figure.

Anyway, the staff kind of organized a "mixer" for us to all meet and mingle, which turned out to be a lot more fun than I had expected. The first big conversation I took part in mostly concerned who was gay and who wasn't (which is how I found out about Sam), then we moved on to who fancied whom, where everyone was from, types of accents (my automatic "British" accent is from Kensington, apparently), the Brits' favorite swear words ("cunt" is quite popular), Cockney rhyming slang, British comedians (I have been advised to check out Bill Bailey), music, television, movie ratings, cigarette warnings, sports no one understands, and mayonnaise on chips. And now I can't stop thinking in a London accent, having been surrounded by it for the past 2 hours. I suspect my style of writing is even a bit different.

In more Shakespeare & Company program-related issues, I've been assigned the part of Emilia from "Othello" for my scene. Quite excited ^____^ It's been fun getting into her mind so far.

Well, I'm off. Gimme a call on the dog & bone if you want. Cheers.


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