Jan. 13th, 2008 05:34 pm
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This is a post.


If your life were a newspaper, what would today's main headline be?

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Okso, Doritos is pretty much trying to steal my soul with their new Hot Wings/Blue Cheese flavor collision. It is very true that my favorite food in the world is chicken, breaded, deep-fried and covered in buffalo sauce (with blue cheese dressing on the side), so a chip flavored thusly can only be a gift from the Gods.

However, I found myself today pondering the following quandry: which is worse for one's health, the real buffalo wings or the buffalo-wing flavored chips?

At first I thought it should be the real wings. They've got more calories and fat in them, what with the deep-frying and the blue cheese dressing. However, real wings have real nutrients in them along with the bad stuff, which the chips really don't. They're just carbs and chemicals (and okay, maybe a LITTLE real cheese). So now I'm stuck. Are they equally bad? Are the real wings deemed better because their possession of protein and calcium balances out the bad stuff? Is there some kind of spectrum we can determine this on?

This is the kind of stuff I find myself thinking about at the end of a long day...
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All around the world there are people who live lives of solitude, shutting themselves up in their rooms for months upon years, working from home or living off their parents. In Japan, these people are known as "hikikomori."

Of course it's not as if there's a nation-wide conspiracy to get young Japanese men so hooked on anime, video games and pornography that they lock themselves up, avoid social contact and are kept out of the work force.

Of course not.

Don't be silly.

Welcome to the NHK.

Welcome to the NHK is "new" anime because it's new to me and it's only now coming to America. Naturally it's already a huge hit in Japan and more hardcore anime fans than I have probably already watched the whole thing :P But to anyone who hasn't heard of it, consider this my recommendation! I started watching it on Tuesday and I'm already up to Episode 15.

And now a poll!

Aside from being a seasonal poll (Halloween soon hooray! And costume party tomorrow night!), this comes out of Lewis Black's routine about candy corn and how much he thinks it "tastes like shit." When I heard that I made a sadface cause I've always liked candy corn. So I'd like to know what y'all think.

[Poll #1078068]

And as long as we're talking about how things taste, I hearby give you all a warning: NEVER EAT A PERSIMMON. I bought a couple from Whole Foods just to try because I'd heard they were a sour fruit and I like sour things. But they're not sour. They're just nasty, especially the texture. It's like chalk. BLECH.

S'all for now. Off to free DDR (and the Toreador clan meeting)!
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I have four writing-things that require work at this time:

2) Esca-fic for kinkfest
3) BSG-fic for kinkfest
4) Spring Awakening/Kushiel crossover (made of crack, or a good concept? I think both)

Instead of getting overwhelmed at how much there is to be done, I'm gonna write each on a piece of paper, dump 'em in a hat, pick one, and get typin.



Jun. 20th, 2007 07:08 pm
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I can do a one-handed cartwheel on my right hand! I was shocked and amazed to discover this earlier.

I wonder if I can get back up to doing no-hands. I could do them, once upon a time.
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I has guitar.

Guitar needs name.

Name will likely come only through hours of intimate playing.


(while that doesn't strike as a good name for a guitar, I couldn't pass it up as a possible LJ name. [livejournal.com profile] owmyfingers is my new music blog.)


May. 26th, 2007 11:14 am
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It's Dillo Day, but I'm not really in the mood for drinking.

I am, however, still psyched to be in a show :D

"Travesties" pictures coming soon.
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John Stewart does a disturbingly good Queen Elizabeth impression.

That is all.
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Damn right he won't.

(Bought this model over ebay some months ago. Finally got around to buying the paints and assembling it today ^__^)

A silly little picspam )

Oh, and also... The complete series of Escaflowne on DVD is miiiiiiiiiiinnne. And I loves it.
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It is very possible that in this life, I will never have the need or immediate desire to jump on top of a moving subway train and ride it in that manner.

Now I won't feel like I'm missing out.
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I am exhausted. Got up this morning at 9, went and flew on a plane back to Evanston, met John & went walkin' around, watched a movie-- then John left, I practiced a bit for Musical Theatre, sat down at the comp and suddenly I feel like I've been hit by a train. Owwwww.

(speaking of people getting hit by large moving vehicles, DAY WATCH TRAILER ZOMG. looks a lot more spectacular than its predecessor, and I mean 'spectacular' in its literal definition)

I should really be unpacking.

Also, GAH. I may have the costume concept for my DCP char next year. Although it's almost exactly like Mary's was, except black. XD What can I say, I dig the long-jacket-and-vest look. And next year's character must needs look kickass and beautiful, cause she is. Will be. Whatevs.

Sooooooo tired.... must stay up for Battlestar..... mussszzZZzZZzZz.........

(EDIT) *wakes up* Huhwhat?

50 BOOKS 2007
Identity, Steven Piziks
8)) Darkfall, Dean Koontz

It was a week of scarybooks.


Feb. 26th, 2007 08:17 pm
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...No, I'm not gonna tell you.

New Thing! So I've been thinking about it since Japan, and I've decided I really would like to have a tattoo. I've always kinda been intrigued by the idea in and of itself, but I never could think of a good idea for one until last summer. Since then I've been taking the advice of Mara, who I met in Japan, who said: "Think about it a long time, then decide on something. Then think about it summore." I've had the idea for at least half a year now, and I still like it.

Here's what it would be: the Japanese characters for "Once upon a time" (or literally, "Long long ago"), with a Celtic-knot-type circle around/behind them. I figure I would get that first, and maybe later add on the same phrases in English, German and/or Celtic in small letters around the outside edge of the circle. I would also want it to not be too big, and on my lower back as close to my tailbone as possible, so as to be as unobtrusive as possible for acting purposes.

Alas, the acting factor is what makes this a tougher decision than it would be if I were, say, an Engineering major. :P I've heard that actors with tattoos can have Troubles, even if they're out of the way. But I really want it. So I think I'm gonna ask around, to Dawn or whoever else I can think of, what the general attitude is. Are tats more of an overseeable annoyance to most directors, or will a majority just turn you away for it?

If anybody out there knows anything, please to share your experience.

I already have an idea for a second one, too, though this one would have to wait until:
A) I have well established myself as primarily a singer-songwriter, thus eliminating the tattoo-worries
or B) I'm a famous enough actress that it doesn't matter how many tats I have or where they are,
cause I'd want it to be the Faery Star, right on my chest where the necklace falls when I wear it. I find this idea incredibly rockin'.

OH! Also. I've been tuning to the Music Video channel the last coupla times I've worked out in my apartment, and the other day when I turned it on, This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race was on. Since then I've had it on iTunes for 2 days and it's almost up to 20 plays. The remarkable thing about it for me is I'm usually so lyrics-focused, but when I first heard this I couldn't understand a word and I still loved it.

Also the video is pretty awesome itself.

Since it was MTV, I have no doubt that this is being overplayed on the radio as we speak, but I don't listen to the radio anymore. And maybe some of you out there don't, either? Thus, I invite you to enjoy. :)

...Aaaaand now to the Japanese homework.
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Weekly BSG Comments )

I keep getting these odd catalogues in the mail. They're all called things like "Stuff You Never Knew Existed" or "What on Earth" and contain things like aprons with "witty" sayings and kistchy sculptures. I'm not exactly complaining; I got John's Christmas present from one of them (a model of the Bluesmobile and action figures of the Blues Brothers), but I find it kind of odd I'm the only one in the apartment of four people who gets them. They just started coming one day, randomly. :\

Also, I'd like to turn everyone on to a site called SongSearch. I found it while conducting a search for the Dutch Elisabeth CD, since Amazon had none. This site said it had it, for $22--the only seller on Amazon I'd ever seen had been selling it for $40. I was skeptical at first, but I Blingoed around a bit and found no reports of scandal. So I ordered.

'Elisabeth', the Dutch recording, arrived in my hands today. It took a while (though the site warns of that) and it's obviously a used copy, but it's in good order. So consider this endorsement; if you're ever searching for an obscure CD (or DVD), SongSearch is a good place to look :)

I am, by the way, lovin' Stanley Burleson as Death so far (they call him "De Dood" in Dutch! Hehehehehehehehe). He's so unlike any other I've heard. People like Mate Kamaras and Uwe Kroger rock out, and that certainly is fun to listen to, but Stanley by contrast is so understated. I can just imagine him slinking around the stage--so cool he doesn't need to scream the notes to prove his point.

Listen to De Laatste Dans to see what I mean.

And yeah, this is pretty much my favorite Elisabeth cast on the whole. Heck, I even dig the "Kitsch" on this one.

(Although no one will ever beat Takarazuka's version of the Prologue until they figure out those notes are sung 1,000 times better legato than staccato. Who made that decision anyway? :P)

ETA: OMG THE SEXY DRUMS on Er Valt Een Zwarte Schaduw. Addo Kruizinga as Rudolf WINS. WINS.
...But seriously, that made my heart speed up.


Jan. 15th, 2007 02:43 am
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The idea for the following came out of a succession of events. To sum up: over Winter break, I was congraulated by a Best Buy cashier on wearing certain items of clothing (a fedora, the green velvet jacket and a french scarf) and not looking incredibly emo. Fast forward to last week when I'm walking through the streets of Chicago, having just gone to a thrift store, wearing a pre-beaten-up newsboy-style hat, brown blazer and Rocket Dog shoes, with my headphones draped around my neck and buttons covering my messenger bag: and I thought, "OhmyGod. I am emo!" At least in fashion sense, anyway.

And so I give you: The Emilys go Emo, a Facebook production. The other Em is Roomie!Em. Ain't she purty?

ETA: Since some people can't see it (woe! I thought Facebook would be more friendly), I'm posting the pictures here.

Picspam time )
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Two people said I smelled nice today. I guess the "Captain Jack" perfume oil I bought at Ren Faire last year is a winner.

Oh, Captain Jack. Is there anything you can't do? ;)

Let it...

Oct. 12th, 2006 02:25 pm
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It's snowing.

I was complaining about the cold yesterday, but somehow when there's snow, I don't mind so much.



Oct. 9th, 2006 03:28 pm
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Man, I love Maruchan instant lunches. Half of a day's reccommended sodium, yes, but ohboy are they tasty.

Plus they're nostalgia food for me. Make me think of the cold nights of high school football games, sitting huddled on the benches and slurping up the hot noodles.

That is all.
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Overheard in Norris:

"Hi Eric!"

I giggled, because... you gotta.
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Code Monkey Dance

(thus I submit my entry into the annals of people dancing like morons on the int4rw3bz)
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George Weasley! Vote iffin you haven't! Poll ends in 12 hours! 'N stuff! I probably should be closing this link!

Meanwhile, where I am, it JUST became August 8. Heh.

Go here to see which other people I endorse (in the comments as well).



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