Apr. 11th, 2007 09:43 pm
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create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

When I generated this map, underneath was a sad little subtitle reading "visited 8 countries (3%)."

3 percent.

I tend to think of myself as well-traveled, yet there's so many places I've never been. I want to gooooo!
The thing about having adventures is, it's addictive ^_____^

Could always start at home... I've got more than half the US I've never been in yet (and some only briefly, though I didn't count ones I've only experienced through a car window):

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.
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Greetings from halfway around the world :)

The plane ride was 12 hours long. Somehow I managed to keep myself entertained almost the whole time between naps... by reading the book [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut gave me for my birthday, and working on icons for Lumos LIMS, and writing some serious fic for the first time in a long time (PoTC-fic. Captain Jack/Tia Dalma. Wants to become multi-chapter when I had slated it for a one-shot. Why must some fics be so ambitious?).

I'm still pretty jetlagged, my internet will let me go anywhere BUT my e-mail, and the gas stations here freak me out, but other than that I'm dandy. My roommate, Jessica (yes, another Jessica. At least this one doesn't prefer to be called Jessie, or we'd have a real WTF on our hands) is a cool person with good taste in music. I spent this afternoon after program orentation walking down the Tokyo streets with 3 other girls (Amanda, Mara and Lee-Ann) and spending way more money than I'd intended, but I don't regret any of the purchases :P

....I can't remember what I was going to write next. Did I mention it's a 13-hour time difference from here and New York?

Hanging out with Amanda and Mara brought up the pirate/ninja controversy. Amanda has her foot in both camps, being a pirate-ninja. That is, a pirate with ninja-like skillz. And here I thought it was a ninja who drank a lot.

Speaking of drinking, I bought a beer from the grocery store just because I could. I wasn't even asked for ID. Take that, American drinking laws. I pwn your sorry ass.
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This came on EXACTLY the right day, as you can see from my last post.

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When I say ______, you say ______!
Cory M = Star of the Trip :D
Funny Balloon Hat
Ultimate Frizbee
Matching Shirts & Hats
William Dawes

I am soooo tired... x_X
Two days of school left, wheee!!!

I celebrate with quizzies...and an HP survey )


Jun. 11th, 2004 12:04 am
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(Beware. Randomness Ahead.)


Even though it is only a $20 gift certificate to Pickwicks, it makes me so very happyish.

Boston trip begins tomorrow (or rather... ::looks at clock:: ...today...). Singing, swimming, whale watching. Yay.

I am glad that I know the people I know, because they confuse me sometimes and it's good to have people whose viewpoints, backgrounds, beliefs etc differ from your own. Still, though, I miss the days when I had someone I could really click with...

Speaking of which, any news about your birthday party, Trin? :-D

La dee da.
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We finally found some Catholic churches, lol. ^_^ Mom had been complaining about how there weren't any anywhere. At least not in Dublin, which is kind of weirdness.

My writing journal has it's first entry; yippee! ^_^ The entry was inspired by an Abbey we visited yesterday... Let me see if I can describe this to you... It lay right in the middle of a cow pasture, which itself lay in the middle of a residential town, with modern buildings and paved roads and all that. You didn't have to pay to get in, just pass by a sign that read 'Dangerous Bridge' and through the pasture, watching out for cow pies on the way.

Once you got there, all sound outside ceased to exist. Cars went by, but you couldn't hear them. The houses around it were there, but somehow they only seemed like play pieces; dolls' houses. The old weathered stones of the Abbey opened up to the sky without roofs, and there were walls you could scale and big slabs of rock to sit on and a place from which you could watch the sun from behind the clouds.


It's very windy here. You can't step outside without your hair becoming a mess. It hurts my ears sometimes, but I don't mind it.

Got to go now. There's shopping to be done. :-D

Quote of the Day:
"Oh look, there's a mast... and there's Johnny Depp on top of it." - Dad
...guess you had to be there. ^_^;;

Yo yo yo!!!

Apr. 5th, 2004 12:11 pm
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Greetings from Ireland!!

I'm sitting in a Cyber Cafe over Grafton Street in Dublin. At least the keyboards here are what I'm used to... I can type really fast ^_^

I see none of you are online. Seeing as how it's 6 in the morning over there, though, I understand :-D

So, what can I say about Ireland so far? I haven't seen any of that famous countryside so far, since we've only been in Dublin since we've arrived. But I've gone to a pub and heard some traditional music... eaten fish & chips... and heard people say 'brilliant' a lot ^_^ Last night I had some Bailey's Irish Cream :-) yum.

We went to a museum shop, and there they had a big book of Irish last names you could get a plaque for. Sure enough, 'Crawford' (my Mum's maiden name) was there, which only further confirmed my Irish/Scottish heritage and made me vereh vereh happy.

The only disappointment so far is the fact that UK DVDs won't play on American players. If only I could have a copy of 'Urban Ghost Story'! It's a Scottish movie that Billy Boyd's in. But alas, I would never be able to watch it.

I'm really enjoying this trip so far; hope I get to update again before I leave ^_^

Hope everyone is having an awesome Spring Break!!!

P.S. Columbia: Rejected
Dartmouth: Rejected

That's the last of 'em.
Bah to them.
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Does it make sense if you have to press "shift" for a period, but not for an exclamation point? Perhaps I will just do this whole post in exclamation points! Then it will sound a lot more exciting!

Not that my stay in France hasn't been exciting! We spent three days in Paris, where we saw things like the Eiffal Tower, the Louvre, the Picasso Museum, Montmartre, and Notre Dame! Notre Dame was my favorite, maybe because of the movie? It is quite beautiful! But I also liked the Eiffal Tower! We went up to the very top! I'll post pictures as soon as I get home (and they're developed)!

I saw a great (and very French) movie last night, called "Blueberry"! It was half-Western, half-INSANE DRUG TRIP! It was about this guy named Mike Blueberry who spent half his life with Indians after his lover died in a fire, but when he gets older he starts having to pass these tests involving crazy hallucinagenic drugs! There was just something distinctly French about it! Like the way the main character smoked, for instance- he didn't seem to hold his cigarette like an American for some reason! Oh, and also there was the completely casual display of full frontal female nudity during the love scenes!

I will now write a sentence using the key locations my fingers are used to and not what's actually on the French keyboards!

The auick brozn fox ju,ped over the lqwy dog:

And now, something I believe true fans of Fanfiction will truly appreciate (or maybe, despise?):


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