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I'm posting this for those who don't know yet, because I only found out a little while ago.

The above video shows a young woman, a peaceful protester holding a flower, being hit and pepper-sprayed by police in full riot gear.

This is happening in St. Paul. People are being arrested and their homes raided for planning to protest at the RNC.

People are being arrested and their homes raided for planning to protest at the RNC.

New York Times article
Most recent Salon.com update

(And before anyone else brings this up: yes, I know there may have been some similar activity when people demonstrated at the DNC. That does not make this any less despicable.)
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Since I'm leaving for Oxford tomorrow, Everything's Eventual will have to go back to the library, so I skipped ahead and read the story of 1408. At 2 AM. And it is way, way scarier than the movie. And I read it at 2 AM.

"A life rule if you're going to read those things: during the day, near a bunny." -Dad

That may be the best advice I've gotten so far this year.

And yes, I leave for Oxford, and BADA, tomorrow. There's no internet access in the dorms. :/ There are interweb cafes around town, but time will be limited. And so I say to you, as usual: see ya on the flip-side!

I leave you with the ship-meme and a buncha quizzes.

Six Ships I Like
01. Jack/Tia Dalma (PotC)
02. Gringoire/Frollo (Notre Dame de Paris)
03. Six/Gaius (BSG)
04. Ben/Sofie (Carnivale)
05. Merle/Celena (Escaflowne)
06. Ness/Paula (EarthBound)

Three Ships I Abandoned
07. Harry/Remus (HP)
08. Jonesy/Sofie (Carnivale)
09. Tommy/Iris (Carnivale)

Three Ships I Never Liked
10. Van/Dilandau (Escaflowne)
11. Jake/Will (Brothers Grimm)
12. Harry/Draco (HP)

Two Ships That Have Piqued my Interest
13. Gaeta/Gaius (BSG)
14. Roslin/Bill Adama (BSG)

Follow-up Questions: Spoilers for various things within )

Jack Sparrow's (mostly) loyal first mate, you spend most of your time fishing your captain out of trouble-- or fishing yourself out of whatever trouble your captain's gotten you into this time. The proverbial old salt, you've seen and heard just about everything there is during your time at sea, and you always have a story or two up your sleeve, especially when the films require some helpful expository dialogue.

Which Pirates of The Caribbean Character Are You?
Find out at Shiver My Timber-- A Pirate RPG

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For some reason, it seems the only type of scary movies I not only mind seeing, but are compelled to see, are the ones starring John Cusack. Because the last horror flick I remember really wanting to see before '1408' was 'Identity'.

I'm pretty sure it's not just cause I think he's cute, because there are plenty of other cute actors who've been in scary movies that I haven't been compelled to see. So go figure.

I saw '1408' today by myself. Dad, who is a complete chicken about horror films (as chicken as I used to be, and still almost am), thought I was insane for wanting to do this. But he bought me a ticket anyway :P

Non-spoiler review: '1408' is scary in a fun way, as in a way that doesn't make me want to scrub off my brain just to get the images out of it afterwards. But still pretty freakin' scary (I wish I could remember which scene I put my hand to my face and discovered it was shaking). And that's all well and good, cause that's what it's supposed to be--if it weren't, it wouldn't be worth even half the ticket price. But it's worth seeing on the big screen for the visuals, which are at times eerily pretty and Tim Burton-esque. As for the acting/writing, the characters are about what you'd expect from their respective actors--Samuel L Jackson is well-grounded and kickass, Cusack is a wounded puppy--but they do it well and make it believable because it's their shtick.

Also, Tony Shaloub is in it for about five minutes even though he gets billing right at the front of the film. Now that's a good agent.

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