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50 BOOKS 2008
Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw
4)) The Trip to Bountiful by Horton Foote
5)) Changeling: the Lost from White Wolf Games
6)) Fallen Angels by Noel Coward

Some B-Fest Peectures )

I wasn't able to stay awake the whole 24 hours, but I caught at least some of every film shown. The sleep deprivation made my cold go OH NOES, but 12 hours of sleep later I felt much better. I also stayed in today with John in order to further facilitate recovery- we're watching the Packers/Giants game now.

I have a bit of a headache... There's more news, but I'm too tired to write out more of a post.

ETA: I am being such a girl right now. LOOKIT THE PRETTY RINGS
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Burning Man pictures have come back from the lab! Which is great, because I've found it so hard to describe without visuals. Now you get them :D This picspam takes you through the bug-splattered-windshield days of our drive West, right on through to the end.

78 PICTURES within. )
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I has guitar.

Guitar needs name.

Name will likely come only through hours of intimate playing.


(while that doesn't strike as a good name for a guitar, I couldn't pass it up as a possible LJ name. [livejournal.com profile] owmyfingers is my new music blog.)
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There was an ENORMOUS rainbow in the Chicago sky this evening. It was so clear I was able to take a picture with my cell phone.

If you look a little ways to right, you can even see a faint second one.

G'night everyone :)
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Damn right he won't.

(Bought this model over ebay some months ago. Finally got around to buying the paints and assembling it today ^__^)

A silly little picspam )

Oh, and also... The complete series of Escaflowne on DVD is miiiiiiiiiiinnne. And I loves it.
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Oh, I am so 21 right now. :D

The partying began Friday night after D&D. Mike made sure to wrap us up at 11:30 so we could sprint down to the Celtic Knot. We got there, by my watch, at 3 minutes to midnight. We placed ourselves at the bar, were carded (well, I was-- then the bartender got so caught up in the fact that it was my birthday that she forgot to card everyone else!).

Then there was an argument about what time it actually was. My watch said exactly midnight. Jeremy's said 11:59, so he thought we should count down. Then the bartender says, "Well, my clock says 12:01, so if you average it..."

So we just decided to toast and drink. :D

Thus the picspam begins )


Jan. 26th, 2007 03:26 pm
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Anyone else ever feel as if the birch trees are watching you?

I have a cold. Nothing too doomy, just a sore throat and fatigue. Poppin' the zinc tablets. I'm writing this from my bed. May take a nap before B-Fest.

Mmmm, B-Fest. 24 hours of bad-movie badness. Er, goodness?

50 BOOKS 2007
Fuddy Meers, David Lindsay-Abaire


Jan. 15th, 2007 02:43 am
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The idea for the following came out of a succession of events. To sum up: over Winter break, I was congraulated by a Best Buy cashier on wearing certain items of clothing (a fedora, the green velvet jacket and a french scarf) and not looking incredibly emo. Fast forward to last week when I'm walking through the streets of Chicago, having just gone to a thrift store, wearing a pre-beaten-up newsboy-style hat, brown blazer and Rocket Dog shoes, with my headphones draped around my neck and buttons covering my messenger bag: and I thought, "OhmyGod. I am emo!" At least in fashion sense, anyway.

And so I give you: The Emilys go Emo, a Facebook production. The other Em is Roomie!Em. Ain't she purty?

ETA: Since some people can't see it (woe! I thought Facebook would be more friendly), I'm posting the pictures here.

Picspam time )
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I've got a pair of jeans that had developed a hole in the pocket due to keeping my Burt's Bees in there all the time (the rough edge wore down the fabric). So I sewed a patch over it today. It's the first time I've sewn a patch on anything.

Lookee! )

Also, some Exalted fanart, cause I said I was going to.

Meercal plays with Ambresia's hair )

Also, I've been watching the DVD of 'The 10th Kingdom' pretty much since I got home (at 1:30). It astounds me the amount of stuff that got cut from the VHS version (oh hey, here comes another one now. "Prearranged acts of bravery"! XD). Especially all the extra stuff with Wolf. Iamallasquee.

10th Kingdom ETA )
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I want to rise like I should and do everything right
But I lie awake at night (never sleep)
With questions in my ear (loud and deep)
I wanna join the dance (take a leap)
But the answer isn't clear

Good things are happening. I think. Possibly.
The world seems to be becoming clearer, which is in many ways both a depressing and liberating thing.
Wooo, I am cryptic.
Right, enough of that.*

I went to see Andrew Lippa tonight. He wrote the Off-Broadway The Wild Party and the re-arrangements for the revival of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, as well as the new show Asphalt Beach, which is getting produced here. He was absolutely hilarious and a joy to listen to. Some especially good advice was given when he was talking about the first time he auditioned Idina Menzel: the gist of which was, "Don't be afraid to go crazy and do your own thing."

(*I lied. Suffice it to say that the head of the theatre department and I seem to be developing a repoire. I don't know how special of a thing this really is, since he's kind of everyone's friend, but it feels special to me. It's nice to hear people say they believe in you.
Okay, that doesn't do away with ALL the crypticness, but with a good part of it anyway. I'm too hyper to be deep right now.)

Also, Happy Halloween!

Yup, I did the human-version-of-Bunnie-Rabbot thing. ^__^ One person recognized me, but some people at the party couldn't even get the basic concept. One girl didn't know what a "cyborg" was when I told her. o_O Um.

Also, NaNo starts in a couple days. This is your official warning that I may not be showing up around here a lot in November.

Finally, quizzes.

Read more... )

EDIT: Almost forgot...

Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko <--- Goooooooood stuff. The movie somehow cut a lot of stuff out and still stayed true to it.
35)) The Men Who Stare At Goats, Jon Ronson <--- Read this mostly on the El today. Creepy-weird stuff.
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Oh yes, my friends. That is Stephen Colbert.

The Story )



Y'know, it was discussed afterwards how if it had been some hot movie star who'd shown up, we would not have acted nearly as fangirly. Why? Because Colbert's claim to fame is not that he is smexay. He's become a cult icon. He inspires people to do outrageous things, like name a bridge after him. And he's damn funny to boot. He is awesome personified. AND HE WENT TO OUR COLLEGE, BITCHES.

I've never had so much school spirit.
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like summer light before it turns to nighttime

so let the North Winds blow... )

The snow had me feelin' all hobbity with LotR-ness, and it's not even Decemeber :P So now I'm watching RotK.

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People around me keep using the word "godly" to describe things. People who don't even have ANYTHING to do with each other. I think this is a sign I'm supposed to start using it, too.

Anyway! On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel and I went to Ren Faire. It got rained out, and we were only able to be there for 2 hours. :\ Which was doubly unfortunate because I was really rather proud of my costume. But I did have a short nifty photo shoot before I left :D Behold ze pictures!: Faery Bard.
What you can't see in these is that I'm actually wearing a dress. Shock and horror, right? ;) It's a snazzy brown velvetty dress with a short, jaggedly-cut skirt. And then I wore brown tights and boots. And a belt with a pouch on it to hold my moneys and camera and phone. And I tied my flute to the belt. HOORAY.
I really like that costume.

Speaking of playing dress-up, I think I ought to share a new fandom of mine, since it's one that not a whole lot of people on my f-list know about, and I'm likely to bring it up in some fashion every now and again.

Back when I'd first arrived in Japan, I was looking through my guidebook for interesting theatre-y places to go. One of the ones that caught my eye was a place called Takarazuka. The book mentioned that it was an all-female troupe that performed western musicals in a very dramatic fashion. Just from that description I knew it was something I had to see.

There should be no question why I found this intriguing. Now, the exact question of why I enjoy a bit of crossdressing every now and then is something for the therapists to work out after I finally lose it :P But I do. And I am insanely jealous that these girls get to do it FOR A LIVING. Check out their cast of 'Guys and Dolls' doing Luck Be A Lady to see what it's like.

Why don't I get to play Sky Masterson (or, as [livejournal.com profile] adampb just made me admit I'd rather play, Nicely Johnson)? Why haven't I heard about anything like this in America? GAH.

And does it seem ironic to anyone else that just when I've started getting back into wearing skirts, I discover that this exists? Good gravy.

Anyway, Takarazuka is Japanese musicalish (godly?) crossdressy fun on a stick, and you can expect to be hearing more about it in the future. :P
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50 PICTURES. It is a picspam... OF DOOOM. )

I have now been awake for a grand total of 19 hours. Time for sleep? I THINK YES.
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I have a new favorite accessory. I'm still not sure if it beats the red-tinted sunglasses or the Faery Star, but it's definitely up in the Top 5.

Gentlemen! Behold! )

Set me back 3150 yen (just under 30 dollars) in Harajuku yesterday. So totally worth it.

Sooooooooo yeah.
I'm kinda feeling homesick for the first time since coming here. -_- I think it has something to do with the program being half over, or something. But I'm getting antsy for it to be done with. I want to get back to doing theatre-y things, and go to Ren Faire, and be with John. BAH.

Not that Tokyo is boring. I just wanna go home. Kind of.

I say again. Bah.

But at least I've got my punk goggles.


Jul. 14th, 2006 07:42 am
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"It's like hunting for Sasquatch."
And yet we found them...

The search for the Japanese schoolgirl )

Of course this evidence may not be enough for you skeptics out there. Yet we know what we saw. Slowly but surely, the existence of these mysterious, sailor-suit-clad beings is proven true.
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Happy July, everyone! I have a laptop! With wireless! And a webcam! Whee!

(in case you were wondering, it is a mac.)

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Dear Livejournal Readers,

That is all.
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And a trip to the beach makes this officially one of the best weekends I've had in a while.

Memorial Day weekend seems to have a habit of doing that.

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Fun in the Sun! )

Now go look at my Serenity vid.
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^ overheard yesterday while walking up Sheridan.

Okay, so I didn't make a drunk!post yesterday, but I really never got too drunk to begin with. Dillo Day was still tons of fun.

One of the best parts was the X-MEN SHOW at Shanley. It was at 11 AM, but as was to be expected the crowd was absolutely insane. Free pink hats were passed out along with plastic megaphones and whistles.

X-Pictures! And Videos! OMG! )

And then it was back to the Whale for drinkies and funtimes.

Today we saw X-3.

I'd post more, but I'm tired.


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