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Seriously, people? Do this. I need submissions, and it would be cool to be able to edit some people I actually know into the montage. :)

Unrelated: This video is made of amazing and win and I am now obsessed with the song. But why isn't Tinkerbell involved? She's one of the "bitchiest" Disney gals out there. Maybe it was too easy.

In a similar vein to the above: this.
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Jonathan Coulton concert last night. He knew I was gonna be there. And, and, and look what happened!!!!!!!!!

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The following comment was left on Code Monkey Dance:

Damn are you a gir or boy what the fuck are you !? Whatever you are your ugly as shit and this is the dumbest song i have ever heard! You damn it !

After the brief initial sting I felt at the rudeness, I actually found this.... kind of funny. Maybe because this is like the 3rd person to question my gender in comment form. And probably the one with the worst spelling and grammar of the lot. I usually don't respond to negative comments, but I couldn't resist the following:

I am not a boy, neither am I a defective robot. Any other guesses?

Also, what is "You damn it" supposed to mean? Is this person saying I'm God? Hmmmmm.

(In case you don't get the above: Clickie )

In complete other news, it was a freaking GORGEOUS 40 degrees outside today. It smelled like Spring for the first time this year. I just had this inherently Good Feeling from the moment I stepped out the door.

I was wondering earlier whether those particular Good Feelings--I don't know how else to describe them--manifest differently for different people. For me it feels like a tiny electric current through my "chestal section" (as Dane Cook would say), and I just feel like jumping around and being hyper and babbly. Like right now.
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My LJ is 4 years old today! It's officially out of the toddler stage.

Here is my journal's horoscope for today (from futurescopes.com):
There are favorable energies now for financial dealings. It's also a good time to think seriously about your career. If you make that extra push to assert yourself in business now--unfinished business will be completed successfully. A superior at work needs your input. Do a little free-flow thinking and you will come up with something new. Almost as though you were a performer, the secret to your success is in leaving-them-wanting-more! This afternoon a friend surprises you. This evening you will find yourself engaged in cozy, instructive conversations with friends and loved ones. There is some special music. An emphasis on close relationships, as well as enjoying the celebrations makes for a perfect day--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Also, from the Girl Who Brought You the Code Monkey Dance comes the Don't Make Me Dance Dance. It's mostly just a second pajama-dance, partly a thank-you to everyone who made the Code Monkey Dance a hit (so close to 40k hits right now! SO CLOSE!).
This one took way more takes than Code Monkey to get one I liked enough... and it was really hot in my room, too. I had to drink copious amounts of water everytime I finished a take. But it ended up being worth it, methinks.

"Lost" returns tonight. According to the commercial, this season will be all about people tackling other people. HOT.
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Code Monkey Dance

(thus I submit my entry into the annals of people dancing like morons on the int4rw3bz)


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