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SQUEE! I just finished having a 10-minute conversation with Roomie!Em through Skype! She is all the way over in Germany, where it's already a quarter to 7, which means she was getting ready to go to her New Year's party, but we had a nice little catch-up/OMGSQUEE conversation before she had to rush off.

This combined with the fact that Jessie will be back here in a few weeks, and and and and and and YAY!!!!! *bounce*

For all the woes our modern world has to offer, it's things like this that make it seem worthwhile. Instant communication with the friend who's an ocean away, the ability to send messages so quickly that you know in advance when someone will be coming back close to you. I am full of squee and warmth.

Happy New Year, everyone :)

2007 First Sentences )

2007 Summary )

One day I'll find a place to look
And I'll see the chances that I took
Cause I'm moving closer to the sun
And I'm passing clouds by one by one
And I tell all my secrets to my guitar
And I'm looking for answers to where we are
Cause I want the world to know my name
And that's all I need from you now, each day

Cause I tell all my secrets to my guitar...

-High Child
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Jonathan Coulton concert last night. He knew I was gonna be there. And, and, and look what happened!!!!!!!!!

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Soooooooooooo who here has seen Battlestar Galactica: Razor? 'Cause I just did.

And who stayed around during the commercials and saw the preview for next season? 'Cause holy shee-it. Cut for obvious reasons. )
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50 BOOKS 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling )
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Cat Macro Quiz & Books )

So on Monday, they sprung the surprise news on us that the one and only Alan Rickman would be paying us a visit for a Q&A session the next day. And lo, July 17th shall henceforth be known as Alan Rickman Day.

Anyway, out of all the things he said, aside from all the stuff about actual, y'know, acting, one quote keeps coming back to mind:

'We'll all find out on Friday or Saturday what the hell I'm up to.'

Oh yes, Mr Rickman. Yes we will.

Going out tonight with my Hufflepuff tie and scarf to Waterstone's where I've reserved my copy. Cornmarket Street is going to be a MADHOUSE because there are at least 4 bookshops within a block of each other, and they're ALL having midnight release parties. So we are gonna party like the Twins.

A final word, and I have not been privvy to any spoilers whatever, so this is pure speculation: If it so happens that Harry has to die in order to save everything, so be it. But. If JK Rowling kills any of the Weasleys- especially Ron, Fred or George- I am going to fucking burn... not the book. But something.
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FINALLY saw 'At World's End'. And there was so much awesome I don't even know where to start.

Hmmmmm... )

EDIT: So I was inspired to go back and finish the Jack/Tia Dalma fic. Go forth and read the pseudo-smut!


May. 17th, 2007 05:34 pm
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Clancy Brown, an NU alum, is on campus filming a movie. Tomorrow he's having lunch with a select few students. Of which I am one.

Clancy Brown. Brother Justin. Desmond's predessecor on 'LOST'. Clancy. Mutha-Fuckin'. Brown. I will be sitting mere feet away from him and his Christopher-Lee-rivaling voice.

It hasn't quite sunk in yet, especially since I'm not sure how much I'll actually get to talk with him. But I'd like to ask him whether he's aware of what they call him on Television Without Pity.


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Some of the things it says about me made me go "well..." But then I looked at the other possible results, and really the ones I got are more Me than the others. So yeah. Accurate-ish quiz. And pretty :D

Also, through it I have discovered what may be one of the Best Websites Evar. Of course the first thing I searched for was "hobbit hole." Of course the only one is in New Zealand. :P

Also, I'm surprised they don't have more listings for Japan... I'm sure some of those Love Hotels would at least rate a "Wacky."

Y'know what there should be? A Miyazaki-themed hotel.

Wasn't he going to be building his own island at some point?

Hmm... Heaven would be a hobbit hole on Miyazaki Island. Would fit with the landscape, too.
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Um. Hey.

Look what's going to be playing CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME TO TAKE A BUS this summer.

(yes, I'd heard of it before, I'd just only now been reminded of its existence and subsequent opening)
(yes, I know it got mixed reviews in Canada. I DON'T F'IN CARE.)

I've been staring at the computer screen for the last five minutes, unable to say anything except "Oh my GOD" and "Holy SHIT."



Mar. 18th, 2007 10:51 pm
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(that's the sound I was making behind my hands, which I clapped over my mouth so sleepy people didn't have to hear me screaming)

Extremely fangirlish and spoilery Battlestar commentary )
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Weekly BSG Comments )

I keep getting these odd catalogues in the mail. They're all called things like "Stuff You Never Knew Existed" or "What on Earth" and contain things like aprons with "witty" sayings and kistchy sculptures. I'm not exactly complaining; I got John's Christmas present from one of them (a model of the Bluesmobile and action figures of the Blues Brothers), but I find it kind of odd I'm the only one in the apartment of four people who gets them. They just started coming one day, randomly. :\

Also, I'd like to turn everyone on to a site called SongSearch. I found it while conducting a search for the Dutch Elisabeth CD, since Amazon had none. This site said it had it, for $22--the only seller on Amazon I'd ever seen had been selling it for $40. I was skeptical at first, but I Blingoed around a bit and found no reports of scandal. So I ordered.

'Elisabeth', the Dutch recording, arrived in my hands today. It took a while (though the site warns of that) and it's obviously a used copy, but it's in good order. So consider this endorsement; if you're ever searching for an obscure CD (or DVD), SongSearch is a good place to look :)

I am, by the way, lovin' Stanley Burleson as Death so far (they call him "De Dood" in Dutch! Hehehehehehehehe). He's so unlike any other I've heard. People like Mate Kamaras and Uwe Kroger rock out, and that certainly is fun to listen to, but Stanley by contrast is so understated. I can just imagine him slinking around the stage--so cool he doesn't need to scream the notes to prove his point.

Listen to De Laatste Dans to see what I mean.

And yeah, this is pretty much my favorite Elisabeth cast on the whole. Heck, I even dig the "Kitsch" on this one.

(Although no one will ever beat Takarazuka's version of the Prologue until they figure out those notes are sung 1,000 times better legato than staccato. Who made that decision anyway? :P)

ETA: OMG THE SEXY DRUMS on Er Valt Een Zwarte Schaduw. Addo Kruizinga as Rudolf WINS. WINS.
...But seriously, that made my heart speed up.
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OhMyGod. Enchanted.

Disney. Alan Menkin. Non-CGI animation.

Ok well, most of the movie looks like it'll be live action, but still. It makes my heart go all a-flutter to see characters that actually look like they were drawn by hand again.

You can see a preview of it here. It's the last preview in the "2007 Sneak Peak" video.

There's also a short preview for PotC 3 on there, which is coming out sooner than I thought.... ^___^ *SQUEEEEDisney-gasm*

Ok. I go sleep now.
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Oh yes, my friends. That is Stephen Colbert.

The Story )



Y'know, it was discussed afterwards how if it had been some hot movie star who'd shown up, we would not have acted nearly as fangirly. Why? Because Colbert's claim to fame is not that he is smexay. He's become a cult icon. He inspires people to do outrageous things, like name a bridge after him. And he's damn funny to boot. He is awesome personified. AND HE WENT TO OUR COLLEGE, BITCHES.

I've never had so much school spirit.
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I'm hoping someone out there can beta a 'Lost' one-shot fic I just got an idea for. I will probably end up writing it tonight in the wee hours of the morning. Any takers?

EDIT: Meeeh. Now I've written it and I'm antsy to put it up. Maybe I'll just post it :P Especially since I kinda wanna be the first to fic about this topic, since I'm sure there's gonna be TONS.
So if no one responds by morning, I'm a'postin.

And on that thread: YES LOST IS BACK TO BEING AWESOME. By which I mean spoilers )
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Hey fans of "Elisabeth" (and even if you're not):


Pia Douwes is now officially my favorite Elisabeth. Just....HOW? HOW does this woman sing those notes SO EASILY? Akghfjbafjagjdbvjadvagdjabvnamvdag.


*Must Have Dutch Recording OhmyGOD*

EDIT: Aah, she was also the original Elisabeth in Germany. So, Dutch cast, original German cast, whichever I can get my hands on.
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So any of you who may have read my movie reviews in the past know there's almost nothing I don't like. I can find something to appreciate in everything I see.

So when my roommate Jessie told me today that we had to see "The Black Dahlia" because of how terribly, horrifically bad it was, I thought, 'It can't be THAT bad.'

But it IS. IT IS REALLY THAT BAD. Bad-to-the-point-of-being-hysterically-funny type of bad.

We're talking every noir cliche in the book, plot points that make no point, Fiona Shaw playing a character with (apparently) severe brain damage, rampant gratuitous lesbianism, and lots and lots of blood. We're talking Grade-A B-Fest material, peoples.

One reviewer on IMDB says the reason it's so campy is because every one of De Palma's movies is like an inside joke. Well, maybe he should work on some OUTSIDE jokes for once. It'd be much more enjoyable than witnessing a joke that THE AUDIENCE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. To expand on an old saying, it's less like the guy who doesn't know he's wearing a silly hat, and more like a guy who, when you tell him he's got a silly hat on, refuses to believe this because it amuses him to do so.

And now I really wanna rent "Thank You For Smoking" so I can be watching Aaron Eckhart in a good movie again.

Wow. Just.... wow.

Oh, and also:

America (The Book), The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Yep... I read the whole thing. XD
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50 PICTURES. It is a picspam... OF DOOOM. )

I have now been awake for a grand total of 19 hours. Time for sleep? I THINK YES.


Aug. 10th, 2006 11:12 pm
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Tie for the win!


Tie for the tie, anyway. :D ph34r my g30rg3 w34zl33-n3ss!

And congrats to the following people:
[livejournal.com profile] scytheandroses!
[livejournal.com profile] fyrestar1!
[livejournal.com profile] mistwanderer!
[livejournal.com profile] scytheandroses again!
[livejournal.com profile] fyrestar1 again!
[livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel!
[livejournal.com profile] roguebelle!
[livejournal.com profile] jdezredel!
and [livejournal.com profile] iheartpotatoes for sharin' the George Weasley spot. :)

It's amazing that we all won in what is such a HUGE fandom. We now offcially rock.

...I think I need to get/make myself a Twins icon in honor of this occasion. :\
EDIT: Done and done. (he's Oliver/George cause... I say so. <.< The only thing I could find about how to tell them apart is something about a mole on Oliver's neck, which sounds like something too dang small to look for in screencaps.)
If anyone on that list up there wants a "my fandom says I'm this guy/gal" icon, just speak up.

Click here to see ALL the winners.
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Now, see, with Pirates 2, one might expect it to be like its predecessor: a fun little fling in movie form, that swoops you off for a while and has you feeling exhillerated and giddy at the end. Much like an amusement park ride, actually.

But not so. This movie bitch-slaps you, throws you down, shags you mercilessly, and leaves you exhausted and gasping for air.

Or maybe that was just me.

I will say this from a technical standpoint: IMO, the one thing a sequel should do to be successful--if it's not following some pre-concieved plot, like a novel--is have some good character development; go deeper into the characters' lives and minds so that we don't feel like we're seeing the Same Old Stuff All Over Again (tm).

Does Dead Man's Chest do this? HELL YES IT DOES.

At the movie, me, [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel and [livejournal.com profile] starryelle were by far the most fandomy people there, which kind of made me sad. But we were all three of us thoroughly piratey in our garb, and while waiting on line, we sang "99 Bottles of Rum On the Wall", in three-part harmony. We got applause for it XD And then in the theatre we sang "Yo ho, etc". No one else in the theatre sang. That was the sad part. :( Also that there was no one dressed as Captain Jack except a woman who'd brought her kids, and we couldn't exactly go up and slap her as we'd been planning.

But yeah. Then the movie started.

Here there be Spoilers. I mean it. )

And after all that, I just felt like I needed to collapse. Or run around screaming. One of those.

And I want to be Jack Sparrow. Whatever that means, because I don't even know what it means when I say I want to be Jack Sparrow, but I do. Sobad.

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Dear Livejournal Readers,

That is all.


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