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Do not be afraid of what you are unsure of.

Acknowledge that which you know to be true, and embrace it.

Acknowledge that no assumptions can be made, even with the knowledge that you have.

Acknowledge that all you can count on is Now.

I know what I know, and it is enough for Now, and that makes it enough.
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B-Fest: n. Incredibly geeky, annual event at Northwestern, wherein folks stay up (or try to, anyway) for 24 hours watching so-bad-they're-good movies, and some OMG-IT-HURTS movies, and the occasional actually-good movies--and yell at the screen.

I didn't make it the whole 24; I slept through two movies and half of another, totaling about 4 hours or so. They also give out a ton of door prizes, and I won Battlestar Galactica Season 2. I've actually never seen Season 1, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up on plot and characters and such. As prizes go it was not bad at all. Also, I have FINALLY seen Plan 9 From Outer Space (NOT BELLA!).

P.S. I do believe I am in love. Just FYI.
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He is wonderful, and I am amazing, and life is beautiful.

I'm coming home in two days!!!!!



"You are very dependable and honest. You are
very honorable and when you make a decision,
you stick by it. You are very considerate of
others and their opinions. You are a definite
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Who would direct my life? )

I wonder how John Landis would handle last night. It would probably be something right up his alley. Drinking, smoking, snogging, general debauchery, and our heroine figures out that she actually can (very easily I might add) be a "bad girl". And that actually getting off her ass and having fun is... well, fun.

Larry Hall (the place where they've got us holed up) is still quiet. Breakfast isn't for another 15 minutes. The early risers are all out running or doing laundry or showering. The heavy partiers are still in bed. Me, I'm somewhere in the middle; awake but with the slightest hangover. And a whole lotta mosquito bites on my feet and ankles (new discovery this summer: not scratching them actually makes them STOP ITCHING. Even the new ones don't itch as much. Whoda thunk?).

Last night I dreamed that Nick Stahl was a part of the 1-Second Film documentary, and that AVATAR was featured in the film as well. It was so featured it was listed as a cast member. Lol.

A linkie I was given and must save.


May. 3rd, 2005 11:49 am
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It's just one of those days...

An amusing scene from Costume Shop yesterday:

Girl: I met Chris O'Donnell once... He's not as hot in real life, he's only like 5'11"...
Emily: Whatever. I don't like tall guys anyway.
All Other Girls: *GASP*

Thus my taste in men continues to shock and appall. All is right with the world.
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RPG Meme )

Da Boyz )

And yes, ladies and gentleman, this is my new boyfriend... )
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Some of you may have seen me three years ago in a little (really little) show called MOD, where I played a girl whose boyfriends all, tragicomically, died. :-D Well, the guy who wrote it is having a fundraiser for the theatre he works for, so we're all gettin' together again! It's so wonderful to see all the cast members and find out what they're up to ^_^

It was especially cool because I met PBM (Possible-Boyfriend-Material) at yesterday's rehersal. woohoohoohoo. His name is Harry, and he actually knows a couple people in Nyack through Connor... Now that I think of it, I think he was at Connor's last "bad movie" party...

On a side note, I recently saw the movie "De-Lovely" with [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel. If you love a) Cole Porter, b) Kevin Kline, c) Musical Theatre, or d) Fantastic Movies, GO SEE IT NOW. Such a lovely story. So well crafted. Warning: Bring tissues.

Oh, and finally: I got Hanson's new CD today!!! And ohmygod I love the song "Broken Angel". Little Zac sings lead vocals at last! ^_^ And the words and melody are just so beautiful.

I also love the tracks "Penny & Me", "Dancin' In The Wind", and "Lost Without Each Other".
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Rory & I had to exchange our "Eternal Sunshine" (rated R) tickets for "Secret Window" (rated PG-13) because the ticket lady actually carded us. Since when does that happen??????

Anyway, the movie was pretty good. It's only the third fourth Johnny Depp movie I've ever seen (the other two being "Sleepy Hollow" and "PoTC" EDIT: And "Chocolat", why do I always forget "Chocolat"?). Though parts of it were predictable, I liked the fact that, unlike some horror/suspense movies, it actually had comic relief.

"...I killed a mirror."

Also, I am more and more becoming convinced in the Power of Johnny Depp. What a great actor. One of the very distinctive things about him is his facial expressions. In fact, there were about two seconds during "Secret Window" where he had a 'Jack Sparrow' moment- this little moment of turning-around-really-fast with that bug-eyed expression. Rory and I both caught it :-D

Also, there is a scene in which Depp is sporting the creepiest. facial expression. ever. Wish I could find a screenshot of it, but I'm too tired.
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I'm in a Maroon 5 mood.

So what can I say about this weekend that hasn't been said already? Well, of course I could comment on the uncanny WB-latenight-tv-like experience of being cheered by the entire cast/crew after picking an unfortunatly viewable spot to kiss my newfound ??boyfriend??... man, was that surreal :-D

But I think what I'd rather talk about is the overall magicalness of this past weekend, this whole show really. When in the history of the Nyack Drama Club has there been so much publicity, so much love, so much unity, so many cast parties? Not in my four years here, I can tell you that for sure. I've made so many friends that I've changed my month-away birthday party from a five-person trip to the city to a who-knows-how-many backyard barbeque.

Yesterday was so beautiful. From the far-better-from-normal matinee crowd, to creating cards between shows and organizing the flowers, to adding the words "final performance" into the opening announcements, to the cheers after "Rules, Regulations", "Case Closed" and "Expose", to the final bows, the presentations of flowers, getting lipstick on Joe, hearing David's wonderful kind words, winning Least Like Their Character at the cast party, sleeping in the not-makeout-room (or at least trying too... if only people hadn't kept coming in to say, "Hey, is this the makeout room?" No! Go away! We're trying to sleep!!), making odd sexual choices in the living room (Invader Zim or One of the Power Rangers?), bagels for breakfast, and making music on the stones outside.....

And as for Rory... all I can say is: ***sigh***.......

ZP is complete but not gone, not by a long shot. I'm ready for what's next.


Feb. 10th, 2004 04:32 pm
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I know it's mad early... but I'm leaving tomorrow! (again. for France ^_^;;;)

Happy V-Day, C-Dog!
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Halloween r0x0red ^_^ Sailor Jupiter was possibly one of the easiest costumes my Mom and I have done in a good few years (little sewing involved, and nobody was up till midnight on the 30th going crazy cause there was still stuff to be done). Oh, that and people actually knew who I was this year!! Or knew what show I was from, anyway. It was awesome-tastic.

And then trick-or-treating: w00t!! Take that, people who say I'm too old :-p I got a lot of cool pictures, too.

Then Christine & Margaret came over to my maison and we watched Sleepy Hollow (mmm Johnny Deppness... "keep pacing", hee hee hee.... though every time I watch that movie I realize a little more how much blood there is in it. Ah well, probably not as much as in Kill Bill- which I still haven't seen BTW) and a little Coupling, to lighten the mood and, as Christine put it, to "initiate" Margaret.

Sad stuff, cut to maintain the uplifting mood of this post )


Aug. 31st, 2003 03:34 pm
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OK. Feeling much better today, thanks. :-D Maybe yesterday was just a slump. Or something.

Anywhoooooo... Last night while SNL was on commercial I started flicking though the channels, and found something even better! A British sitcom, called "Coupling". It's known to some as the British "Friends" and there's been talks of making an American version... but anyways, this was the first time I'd seen an episode of it. It was HILARIOUS! Mom was in the kitchen watching "Weekend Update" and she wanted to know what I was laughing so much about! :-D Of course, in the twenty minutes I watched it, my adolescent brain staked a crush claim on the character Jeff. By way of that I finally figured out the connection between all my crushes- they all still act like kids somehow. I'm probably the *last* one to figure that out about myself, too :-D

And now, I must say the following because it's a quote from "Coupling" that's been running through my head all day:

"Sally's there... with that ass!"


May. 30th, 2003 04:52 pm
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I asked the Piano Man if he wanted to get some sushi after school- his reply was "Maybe some day when I've gotten more sleep and haven't played a two-and-a-half hour concert the night before." Seems reasonable.

My brother's graduation-celebration is tonight. I must think of something to say... o.O;;

"And then Noah found out that he was actually punching a baboon." -Eddie Izzard


Apr. 16th, 2003 04:14 pm
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taurus (Apr. 21st-May 20th)
Your blushing rose act can only take you so far. This isn't the fifties, you know. At some point you're going to have to actually express interest if you want this little eye contact game you've got going on to develop into a full-blown relationship. It may seem "crass" to you, but trust us, you've already exhibited more than enough restraint and politesse to make your point. As Andre the Giant probably said once, it's time to take it to the mat.


Happy Spring Break, y'all! :-D
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Today- went to a kung fu broadsword seminar, then went w/ Maddie to the mall and met the dudes & dudettes for laser tag- which is still fun even if I'm not that good at it o.O;; Also sat at a mall table and, ironically enough, had the two boys I've got semi-crushes on walk past. One looked and smiled. The other didn't.

I've decided to go after the one who smiled.

Saw "Bringing Down the House" with the folks... Very cute flic, that ^.^ Hey, it's Steve Martin; what do you expect?

See you Monday. :-)


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