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"Lost" was AWESOME tonight. Desmond-centric episode that also largely features Charlie? YES PLEASE.
All except for the ending. Roomie!Em and I were both squealing out, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

....Anyone wanna guess on how many Des/Charlie slashers are gonna come out of the woodwork after that ep? XD (I may not write a lot of slash, but I know the earmarks when I see 'm)

Also, "The Prestige" = a great, great movie. Although it makes the big assumption about its viewers that they're...er... more skeptical than me. But aside from that, it's well-shot, well-acted, and most of the twists (most) blew my mind.

Anyway. Enough about things that other people have acted in, cause I just got cast in a SHOW!!!

Not just any show (though what show, really, is "any show?"). "Travesties", by STOPPARD. I have a huge love for Stoppard, mainly based off of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern", but what more do you need, really :P I am playing Lenin. That's right, I am playing a dude. A revolutionary communist dude. Who hangs out in the library and gets to make a huge speech in Act 2. In a Stoppard play! EEEE.

The shocker was that Gabe was not cast as Tzara. I dare anyone who reads this and knows Gabe to admit, truthfully, that they did not read that character description and think it was a no-brainer. Not that Shane (who did get cast) doesn't fit the description as well, but maybe since Gabe's in my acting class my brain went to him first.

Anyway, I am way too hyper for 1 AM, especially since I have to get up early tomorrow.


ETA: Oh yeah. It goes up at the end of May. ^__^
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My LJ is 4 years old today! It's officially out of the toddler stage.

Here is my journal's horoscope for today (from futurescopes.com):
There are favorable energies now for financial dealings. It's also a good time to think seriously about your career. If you make that extra push to assert yourself in business now--unfinished business will be completed successfully. A superior at work needs your input. Do a little free-flow thinking and you will come up with something new. Almost as though you were a performer, the secret to your success is in leaving-them-wanting-more! This afternoon a friend surprises you. This evening you will find yourself engaged in cozy, instructive conversations with friends and loved ones. There is some special music. An emphasis on close relationships, as well as enjoying the celebrations makes for a perfect day--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Also, from the Girl Who Brought You the Code Monkey Dance comes the Don't Make Me Dance Dance. It's mostly just a second pajama-dance, partly a thank-you to everyone who made the Code Monkey Dance a hit (so close to 40k hits right now! SO CLOSE!).
This one took way more takes than Code Monkey to get one I liked enough... and it was really hot in my room, too. I had to drink copious amounts of water everytime I finished a take. But it ended up being worth it, methinks.

"Lost" returns tonight. According to the commercial, this season will be all about people tackling other people. HOT.

Girl Talk

Jan. 15th, 2007 11:12 pm
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Custom-locked for girl talk, with a few trusted exceptions. ;)
Un-locked. Cause. Stuff. I was being silly. :P

So hey [livejournal.com profile] rocknlobster, it didn't take me as long to finish as I thought it would. XD

Meme: The Top 10 Fictional Characters I'd Nail.

Personally, I don't like the word "nail". But I guess by its use it's suggesting pure sex without emotional attachment or really, anything beyond skin-depp (skin-deep. wow. freudian slip, anyone?) attraction. Which, really, is tough for me to fathom. Usually my attraction to someone has quite a bit to do with the personality or character traits of said person. But I did my best.

You may notice Nick Stahl is nowhere on the list. Believe me, I considered including him, but given that my very first reaction to him was “WOW you are weird-lookin’”, I don’t think we could say it’s a shallow attraction by any means. It’s very much a respect thing, and if anything, respect should matter very little in this meme.

ALSO. There are two characters from Battlestar Galactica on here, and my little paragraphs about ‘em include spoilers for seasons 2.5 & 3. If you care about that kinda thing.

Enough talk.

The Top 10 Fictional Characters I'd... well, y'know. *giggles* )
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James & Oliver Phelps: official Sexy Men.

Magazine Scan under the cut )

I want Oliver's shoes.

So yeah, I bought the "People's Sexiest Men" issue, because Stephen Colbert is in it, and this whole apartment has like a collective crush on him. But seeing J&O, who I did not know were on the list, made me squee.

Also, three guys from the cast of "Lost" got included: Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, and Daniel Dae Kim. Who are all more or less 'eh' in my mind, but there y'are. Anyway, my point is that Henry "Jesus Hair" Cusick did not get included, and that made me sad/perplexed. Ok, so maybe Desmond only started demonstrating recently that he can clean up real nice. If this is the case, he better at least get a nod next year, cause rawr.

EDIT: Make that FOUR guys from "Lost". The guy who plays Paulo got featured. Freakin' Paulo who hasn't even had ten lines yet.

Alright, that's enough of my shallow rambling. ^__^;;;

(partially x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] lumos_main)
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I'm hoping someone out there can beta a 'Lost' one-shot fic I just got an idea for. I will probably end up writing it tonight in the wee hours of the morning. Any takers?

EDIT: Meeeh. Now I've written it and I'm antsy to put it up. Maybe I'll just post it :P Especially since I kinda wanna be the first to fic about this topic, since I'm sure there's gonna be TONS.
So if no one responds by morning, I'm a'postin.

And on that thread: YES LOST IS BACK TO BEING AWESOME. By which I mean spoilers )
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Guess what toniiiiiight iiiiis?

Which Lost Character Are You?

You are Locke. A mystery within a mystery. You're a fountain of backgammon trivia and an expert with knives. You might like pina coladas and definitely like getting caught in the rain. You prefer keeping to yourself mostly, but you'll tell your secrets to the right person. Are you evil? Your accompanying soundtrack sure is sinister.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code


*does a dance*

This is the first year I've actually paid attention to when regular-season-type television was starting. All the other shows I've ever been way into have either had way erratic seasons ("Monk") or been on HBO ("Carnivale"). Or have been the Daily Show.

Also, 10th season of South Park. Ohhellyes.

Funny quotage from Television Without Pity about Battlestar Galactica (no spoilers):

Baltar has been summoned to Roslin's office. . .She welcomes him and offers him tea in such a frightening way that I expect to see a human finger bobbing around inside it. "Hot cup of airlock, bitch?"


Also, in case anyone out there actually does watch Battlestar Galactica, I have thoughts about something I watched recently. ([livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut, this has to do with an ep you haven't seen yet).

Cut for Season 2 spoilers )

Now time to go do homeworks sos they can be finished and [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut can come over. Fwee!
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Ranting here, because... I feel like it. )

(icon used for this entry is from Carnivale. Because I have no Lost icons o_O Hmm, maybe I should get a Henry icon. Yay ebil.)
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From televisionwithoutpity.com:

Kate's there too, because she loves Jack again now, like she should just carry a sign around with her at all times, with a picture of Sawyer on one side and a picture of Jack on the other, to denote her status.


Also, I am turning into a serious "Henry" fangirl. He's so awesome now that he's officially joined the Ebil Club.



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