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Some of the things it says about me made me go "well..." But then I looked at the other possible results, and really the ones I got are more Me than the others. So yeah. Accurate-ish quiz. And pretty :D

Also, through it I have discovered what may be one of the Best Websites Evar. Of course the first thing I searched for was "hobbit hole." Of course the only one is in New Zealand. :P

Also, I'm surprised they don't have more listings for Japan... I'm sure some of those Love Hotels would at least rate a "Wacky."

Y'know what there should be? A Miyazaki-themed hotel.

Wasn't he going to be building his own island at some point?

Hmm... Heaven would be a hobbit hole on Miyazaki Island. Would fit with the landscape, too.
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Even after spending 2 months in Japan, I had doubts. Mostly because of the pressure involved--the whole reason for going to Japan in the first place was I simply didn't have the grades to get into 2nd year without some serious studying. But it paid off! Hoozah!

Oh. And Collegeboxes came. I got Angie back *hugs the G5* and introduced her to her new little sister (aka Cherie, the laptop). Mwehe.

That is all.

Syrup, Max(x) Barry
Halfway through the book I was ready to get on here and start bitching about how the characters are all asshats, but by the end of it I actually wound up caring about them.
Although they are still asshats.


Sep. 13th, 2006 05:46 pm
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For better or worse, Japanese Placement Test = pwned.

Everyone say it with me now: Eep.
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People around me keep using the word "godly" to describe things. People who don't even have ANYTHING to do with each other. I think this is a sign I'm supposed to start using it, too.

Anyway! On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel and I went to Ren Faire. It got rained out, and we were only able to be there for 2 hours. :\ Which was doubly unfortunate because I was really rather proud of my costume. But I did have a short nifty photo shoot before I left :D Behold ze pictures!: Faery Bard.
What you can't see in these is that I'm actually wearing a dress. Shock and horror, right? ;) It's a snazzy brown velvetty dress with a short, jaggedly-cut skirt. And then I wore brown tights and boots. And a belt with a pouch on it to hold my moneys and camera and phone. And I tied my flute to the belt. HOORAY.
I really like that costume.

Speaking of playing dress-up, I think I ought to share a new fandom of mine, since it's one that not a whole lot of people on my f-list know about, and I'm likely to bring it up in some fashion every now and again.

Back when I'd first arrived in Japan, I was looking through my guidebook for interesting theatre-y places to go. One of the ones that caught my eye was a place called Takarazuka. The book mentioned that it was an all-female troupe that performed western musicals in a very dramatic fashion. Just from that description I knew it was something I had to see.

There should be no question why I found this intriguing. Now, the exact question of why I enjoy a bit of crossdressing every now and then is something for the therapists to work out after I finally lose it :P But I do. And I am insanely jealous that these girls get to do it FOR A LIVING. Check out their cast of 'Guys and Dolls' doing Luck Be A Lady to see what it's like.

Why don't I get to play Sky Masterson (or, as [livejournal.com profile] adampb just made me admit I'd rather play, Nicely Johnson)? Why haven't I heard about anything like this in America? GAH.

And does it seem ironic to anyone else that just when I've started getting back into wearing skirts, I discover that this exists? Good gravy.

Anyway, Takarazuka is Japanese musicalish (godly?) crossdressy fun on a stick, and you can expect to be hearing more about it in the future. :P
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*looks around* I seem to be back in America. And I brought music!

To be more specific, the Japanese version of "Elisabeth", the German musical that's made its way all over Europe and, well, Japan. This is not the Takarazuka version, as there are dudes in it. Which is odd, since I bought it when I went to Takarazuka. :\ Oh well, it's still awesome.
I'll zip the whole thing if anyone wants it, but for now you just get my two favorite tracks (so far):

ミルク ("Milch" in German) FANTASTIC energy in this song. Lyrics and translation.
闇が広がる ("Der Schatten Werden Langer" in German) Not only do I adore Rudolph's voice, but the contrast between him and Tod? IS LOVE. Lyrics and translation.
I'm kind of fascinated with Rudolph in general, actually. Yay for characters that get manipulated? Or something.

I was gonna make a project of translating the songs, but someone's done it already. Ah well, I brought plenty back from Japan to practice translation on.

And now, some questions I was asked long ago. These come from [livejournal.com profile] rocknlobster:

1. Are you always as adorable as you are? However adorable you may think I am (or not), I would think it's a pretty constant state, since I am... it. So, yes.
2. If you could, would you make yourself a mood theme with pictures of yourself? Hmm. Probably not, just cause of the time involved in making one. I certainly have enough pictures, though XD
3. What is your favorite thing about sake? How quickly one can get wasted off it. Yeeaah.
4. What is your second-favorite song to karaoke? In order to answer this, I must first determine my first favorite. Which I think would be "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin. Making the second-favorite "Shadow of the Moon" by Blackmore's Night. :)
5. How good is your Japanese? After spending the six weeks there, I can carry out conversations in practical situations. i.e., buying train tickets or asking questions about a hotel reservation.

And now it's YOUR turn.

Want to be interviewed?
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

P.S. The fam & I are watching the Emmys, and the guy from My Name is Earl? Who just mentioned all the people he DIDN'T want to thank? BEST ACCEPTANCE SPEECH EVAR.
"God... I know you probably had something to do with this, but you took my hair, and that's just not cool."
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Because the fam and I are heading to Kyoto until the 26th rather soon, where I much doubt there will be internet, and I didn't want the last post before I disappeared for a week to be the "OMG DOOM...except not" post :P

Yesterday was the last day of the program. It was just a fantastic last day. We had our final class, where I recieved a very good grade on my presentation (whee!). I am confident I'll be able to place into 2nd-year Japanese once I return to NU. I can do it, I can! *dances* Then we had our Farewell Lunch, where I led everyone in Waseda's fight song. Hehehehe. But there were a lot of speeches and songs at that lunch... including one of the senseis singing "My Way" in Japanese XD and Naomi, our RA, crying. Which made me cry. ;_;

I had a good time here... Aside from the good grades, which are always hooray, this program was one of the first summer things I've done where I felt I was part of the "in" crowd. Not like I was the most partiest person--wouldn't've wanted that anyway, couldn't've gotten the grades with it--there was just this sense that people enjoyed having me around. When stuff was going down on the weekend, I was invited.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful to anyone else, becasue I know I've got many friends back home in NY and Evanston who are way more meaningful than a party invitation. But I guess being accepted in this more superficial way is somehow serving as proof that I actually am fun to hang out with. :P Maybe I've gotten more interesting over time, maybe I was just lucky enough to be among the kind of people who would find me interesting. Maybe a little of both.


We went for dinner & drinks last night, where I got drunk solely off beer for the first time since high school (haha). Then karaoke, where we sang Disney and Queen and Christina Aguilera and YAY.

I'm going to miss Mike and Danielle and Eric and Amanda and Mara and LeeAnn and....BWA.

Today I'm seeing Mt Fuji, and going to Harajuku to (in Noah's words) "see the weirdos." Tomorrow is Ghibli Museum, and then it's off to Kyoto.


(in case anyone cares, I still don't know what the little bumpies are, but they seem to be getting... less, all on their lonesome. :\)

Also, you all suck for seeing 'Snakes on a Plane' without me. :P Or rather, the movie sucks for coming out while I'm here. Bwa.
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50 PICTURES. It is a picspam... OF DOOOM. )

I have now been awake for a grand total of 19 hours. Time for sleep? I THINK YES.
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I just called John to say hello. As usual, it made me happy. But what added to the happiness greatly was hearing the ambient conversation of the other residents of the house in the background. It started with Sam exclaiming, "Amazing! AMAZING!" at something-or-other, and then people realizing who John was on the phone with and saying hi to me.

It made me miss them and feel like I was there at the same time.

Ain't technology great? :)

It's thunderstorming outside. My roomie's out somewhere and I'm listening to Nathan Duprey's drawling voice over hypnotic piano.

Life is good.
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So last night I dreamt that Saddam Hussein was launching nuclear missiles toward all the major cities in America. And they hit.

This morning on Japanese TV news were memorial services for Hiroshima.

I didn't even know, consciously, that August 6 was the day. My subconscious musta been reaching back to high school history.



The Pirates! In an Adventure With Ahab, Gideon Defoe
28)) A Scanner Darkly, Philip K Dick

Scanner is pretty good, though I think it'll actually work better as a movie. Especially in the format they've done it in. All that's required is for Keanu Reeves not to fuck it up.

Also, the website says it was released in America on July 7. So it may not still be around by the time I get back. BOOHISS. :(

The homestay was pretty rockin'. Too tired to write about it in detail, but... I saw the Naruto movie! :D

Quizzish )
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I have a new favorite accessory. I'm still not sure if it beats the red-tinted sunglasses or the Faery Star, but it's definitely up in the Top 5.

Gentlemen! Behold! )

Set me back 3150 yen (just under 30 dollars) in Harajuku yesterday. So totally worth it.

Sooooooooo yeah.
I'm kinda feeling homesick for the first time since coming here. -_- I think it has something to do with the program being half over, or something. But I'm getting antsy for it to be done with. I want to get back to doing theatre-y things, and go to Ren Faire, and be with John. BAH.

Not that Tokyo is boring. I just wanna go home. Kind of.

I say again. Bah.

But at least I've got my punk goggles.


Jul. 28th, 2006 10:54 pm
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Mike: You, missy, are not drunk enough!
Me: I'm not! It's sad!

I quickly remdied that, however,


And tats all I dotta say about that.

Hooray for not correcting typos,

[livejournal.com profile] leighaden, your drabble is up. Here.

More dolls

Jul. 21st, 2006 11:15 pm
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....entirely too much fun. )

Karaoke-ing in Japan is an awesome time. Instead of sitting in a crowded bar waiting for your turn, you get a whole little room all to yourself (or to your group of friends)! So much awesome. We all agreed it must be done again.

The best times for me this time were discovering (and subsequently karaokeing, cause OMG love the song) Blackmore's Night's "Shadow of the Moon", and doing a decent job singing the Japanese on Ayumi's "Free & Easy".

And singing "We Are the Champions" with the other girls just before our time was up. XD

Sleep now.


Jul. 14th, 2006 07:42 am
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"It's like hunting for Sasquatch."
And yet we found them...

The search for the Japanese schoolgirl )

Of course this evidence may not be enough for you skeptics out there. Yet we know what we saw. Slowly but surely, the existence of these mysterious, sailor-suit-clad beings is proven true.
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Greetings from halfway around the world :)

The plane ride was 12 hours long. Somehow I managed to keep myself entertained almost the whole time between naps... by reading the book [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut gave me for my birthday, and working on icons for Lumos LIMS, and writing some serious fic for the first time in a long time (PoTC-fic. Captain Jack/Tia Dalma. Wants to become multi-chapter when I had slated it for a one-shot. Why must some fics be so ambitious?).

I'm still pretty jetlagged, my internet will let me go anywhere BUT my e-mail, and the gas stations here freak me out, but other than that I'm dandy. My roommate, Jessica (yes, another Jessica. At least this one doesn't prefer to be called Jessie, or we'd have a real WTF on our hands) is a cool person with good taste in music. I spent this afternoon after program orentation walking down the Tokyo streets with 3 other girls (Amanda, Mara and Lee-Ann) and spending way more money than I'd intended, but I don't regret any of the purchases :P

....I can't remember what I was going to write next. Did I mention it's a 13-hour time difference from here and New York?

Hanging out with Amanda and Mara brought up the pirate/ninja controversy. Amanda has her foot in both camps, being a pirate-ninja. That is, a pirate with ninja-like skillz. And here I thought it was a ninja who drank a lot.

Speaking of drinking, I bought a beer from the grocery store just because I could. I wasn't even asked for ID. Take that, American drinking laws. I pwn your sorry ass.


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