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So because I didn't have much to do today between a short audition and 8 o'clock, I went to Blockbuster and rented two movies- Pulp Fiction and Benny and Joon. Mostly so people will stop telling me I have to see them every time I mention I haven't.

Blockbuster also had Plunkett and Macleane, which ZOMG FLAIL YAY. Assuming the disc's in good shape, I'll be forking over the extra $10 so's I can keep it.

Update on the freak-out scenario from a few days ago: someone crossed their name off in the 5 o'clock slot, so now I can have my B-Fest and audition too. :D Joy and jubilance!

Tonight there will be more clubbing as we go downtown to celebrate a birthday. Goooood times.

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SQUEE! I just finished having a 10-minute conversation with Roomie!Em through Skype! She is all the way over in Germany, where it's already a quarter to 7, which means she was getting ready to go to her New Year's party, but we had a nice little catch-up/OMGSQUEE conversation before she had to rush off.

This combined with the fact that Jessie will be back here in a few weeks, and and and and and and YAY!!!!! *bounce*

For all the woes our modern world has to offer, it's things like this that make it seem worthwhile. Instant communication with the friend who's an ocean away, the ability to send messages so quickly that you know in advance when someone will be coming back close to you. I am full of squee and warmth.

Happy New Year, everyone :)

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One day I'll find a place to look
And I'll see the chances that I took
Cause I'm moving closer to the sun
And I'm passing clouds by one by one
And I tell all my secrets to my guitar
And I'm looking for answers to where we are
Cause I want the world to know my name
And that's all I need from you now, each day

Cause I tell all my secrets to my guitar...

-High Child
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Jonathan Coulton concert last night. He knew I was gonna be there. And, and, and look what happened!!!!!!!!!



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