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Burning Man pictures have come back from the lab! Which is great, because I've found it so hard to describe without visuals. Now you get them :D This picspam takes you through the bug-splattered-windshield days of our drive West, right on through to the end.

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Hello everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I'm having a great day.

My 'rental units and I are up at G'ma's house in MA. Here's what's been goin on:

This morning I ran a mile, thus breaking in both my new running shoes and my new pledge to start running for exercise. Then we spent awhile going over the Burning Man website and preparing shopping lists for when I return to EV IL on Wednesday. Dad then taught me to change strings on a guitar and we spent some time messing around with hand-streching exercises and picking technique. After that, Dad and I went sailing, which we haven't done in many a year. The winds out on the lake were AMAZING, and I kind of got the hang of working the sail (seems this summer is partially about me learning about different kinds of boats- first punting, now this). We ended up going really fast once we caught good gusts.

Once we came in, I figured as long as I had my swimming suit on I may as well get wet, so I swam in the warm lake for... some amount of time, humming Little Mermaid songs to myself (like y'do). Once I'd swum for so long my arms felt tired- and once I'd successfully skipped a couple of rocks- I gathered a towel and went to lie in the hammock. Lying there, I could turn to my right and see trees and a wall of green leaves with the sunlight glinting through them just so. And I took some time to climb the small cliff from the beach to our house, where moss and small white flowers sprout on the outcroppings.

Not only all that, but since I just came out of the water, my hair looks totally surfer-chick. )

It's important to remember that days like this do indeed exist.
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According to the Belief-O-Matic, I am 100% Neo-Pagan.
(which surprised me, actually. I didn't expect to get 100% anything)
Complete List )

I wonder what 42% of me is Scientology. That seems like way more than neccessary o_O

The last two days have been amazing. On Sunday, the roomies and I went to the Adler Planetarium and were complete 5-year-olds. There was this section on the first floor where you could dress up in "medieval robes" and go on this playset that was like an old classroom. There was also this game where you stood in a life-sized model of a boat and had to steer by the stars. 'N stufflikethat.

Then yesterday was the Senior Week trip to Six Flags. Despite me not being a senior, Roomie!Em was able to sneak me a ticket so I could spend the day with them ^________^ We arrived at 11 AM and didn't leave until the park closed 10 hours later. I was too chicken to go on the roller-coaster that drops you from 20 stories up, but I did go on many other coasters. Superman, the first ride we went on, was crazy-fun. We also went to the water park before the sun went down.

Roomie love to the max.
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So I had 1 gin & tonic and 1 bailey's on the rocks, and I was eating at the same time: is there any logical reason I should be this tipsy? o_O

We went to the Celtic Knot after senior showcase. Tha's gonna be me in a year, which seems to be simultanetously a very short and very long time. Our last acting class was taday, and Stephan and I did the final Elena/Astrov scene from "Uncle Vanya." Dawn said it got to a very beautiful place by the end (shame we couldn't start the scene with that same feeling :P). She also said that each one of us had grown in some significant way over the last two years. TWO YEARS. Which also seems simultaneously like a short and long tie. Time. Whatevs.

At the Celtic Knot, Laura started snapping and said she felt like singing something, but didn't know what. So I broke out into "Stand By Me", and [livejournal.com profile] strangemiss joined in. *Loves on the roomie!Jessie*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I'm watching 'Roger Rabbit'. Good times, good times.

Yay summer vacation.

ETA: I am definitely going to be watching some old Bonkers-on-VHS tomorrow. Silly Disney, bringing every other Disney Afternoon show out on DVD except Bonkers. >:(
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I've been so busy since Friday I haven't had time to LJ about this -_- But I do now.

^ He's taaaaaaall. o_O

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In other news: Spaced. Brilliant, Geeky Brit-com, and EVERY episode is on YouTube. Go forth and be amused!
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Oh, I am so 21 right now. :D

The partying began Friday night after D&D. Mike made sure to wrap us up at 11:30 so we could sprint down to the Celtic Knot. We got there, by my watch, at 3 minutes to midnight. We placed ourselves at the bar, were carded (well, I was-- then the bartender got so caught up in the fact that it was my birthday that she forgot to card everyone else!).

Then there was an argument about what time it actually was. My watch said exactly midnight. Jeremy's said 11:59, so he thought we should count down. Then the bartender says, "Well, my clock says 12:01, so if you average it..."

So we just decided to toast and drink. :D

Thus the picspam begins )
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I didn't want to post this yesterday, lest anyone think I was April foolin': I've been accepted to BADA!!!!! I will totally be hanging out in Oxford learning theatre for an entire month! Possibly from Fiona Shaw or someone like that!!

*jumps around squeeing, except not really since she's writing this from the library*

I also know at least one other person who is going. He is Zev. He is a crazy and all wonderfully snarky-man-type. Hehe!

One reason this is a milestone for me is it's the first theatre study program I've gotten in that I actually had to audition for, as opposed to just sending in an application and/or resume (and yeah, this includes Northwestern). And they audition all over the world, too. Because they are freakin' Oxford. Mwehehehe.

This also means that I will be in England when the last Harry Potter book comes out. Which means I need to find another reason/time to meet all the RttF-people in person. Ohwellz :\

In other news, I feel like a total hipster today. Rocket Dog shoes, brand new jeans, stripy button-down shirt (tucked in), brown blazer, and big ol' sunglasses. I need a jazz/funk band to follow me around on days like this.

And Happy Birthday-Month to meeeeee! (Days until legality: 26 and countin')
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Man, yesterday was a Day.

First of all, everyone needs to experience Equus. Read it, or see it if you can. If you're in or around Chicago, see it at The Actors Workshop. It is fucking amazing. Ellarans? You especially should see it.

Afterwards, Roomie!Emily and I returned to the apartment to find Roomie!Jessie completely shnockered. So the only logical course of action was to get completely and totally schnockered with her. Four cups of wine + two hours = dancing along to Ok Go, roomie-love cuddling, spontaneous Irish and Scotch accents, protestations of how much we love each other and how awesome everything is, and me falling asleep in my clothes at 4 AM.

Good times. Very very good times.
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"Lost" was AWESOME tonight. Desmond-centric episode that also largely features Charlie? YES PLEASE.
All except for the ending. Roomie!Em and I were both squealing out, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

....Anyone wanna guess on how many Des/Charlie slashers are gonna come out of the woodwork after that ep? XD (I may not write a lot of slash, but I know the earmarks when I see 'm)

Also, "The Prestige" = a great, great movie. Although it makes the big assumption about its viewers that they're...er... more skeptical than me. But aside from that, it's well-shot, well-acted, and most of the twists (most) blew my mind.

Anyway. Enough about things that other people have acted in, cause I just got cast in a SHOW!!!

Not just any show (though what show, really, is "any show?"). "Travesties", by STOPPARD. I have a huge love for Stoppard, mainly based off of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern", but what more do you need, really :P I am playing Lenin. That's right, I am playing a dude. A revolutionary communist dude. Who hangs out in the library and gets to make a huge speech in Act 2. In a Stoppard play! EEEE.

The shocker was that Gabe was not cast as Tzara. I dare anyone who reads this and knows Gabe to admit, truthfully, that they did not read that character description and think it was a no-brainer. Not that Shane (who did get cast) doesn't fit the description as well, but maybe since Gabe's in my acting class my brain went to him first.

Anyway, I am way too hyper for 1 AM, especially since I have to get up early tomorrow.


ETA: Oh yeah. It goes up at the end of May. ^__^
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Remind someone they are loved today. Give your roommate some candy. Give a friend a hug. Become a secret admirer. Call your mother. Compliment your professor. Make someone feel wanted. Flirt. Hand out random acts of affection. Kiss in public. Drink champagne. Eat a strawberry. Play in the snow, if it's there. People-watch and admire what makes them human. Write a love poem. Write a love song. Write an ode to imperfection. Play footsie. Tell inside jokes. Dance with someone. Hold hands. Sing together. Laugh together.

Take a day overwhelmed by commercial innundation and make it your own.

~~In Japan, it's women who give chocolate to men on Val-Day, and the gift-giving goes ONLY in that direction. There is a special day later on in the year called White Day where the men reciprocate.
There are two types of Japan gift-chocolate. The most common is "giri-choco", otherwise known as "obligation chocolate." This is what women and girls give to their co-workers, classmates, male friends etc. "Honmei-choco" (or "potential winner chocolate") is more expensive and sometimes homemade, and expresses a deeper affection.
Giving something that has been knitted by the giver is considered one of the highest forms of affection.
~~In the 16- and 1700s, it was considered a token of love for a man to bend a silver coin and give it to a woman. Later on, coins were altered in other ways to express this. Here's an article about it.

And just for kicks,
The Teen Girl Squad "Vamlumtime's Day" episode.


~ this strange engine .. this love ~
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My Astronomy teacher is Professor Taam, pronounced "Tom," which does not stop me from giggling internally whenever I think about it.

So. New Years. Was mostly awesome. Chris made an awesome dinner--it was the first time I'd been at 2108 when he'd been cooking, and I'd heard that his meals were epic. Did not disappoint ^__^ Then there was drinkies and watching the movie "Gamers" and counting down and drunken Guitar Hero wherein I managed to kind of rock despite, er... a glass of wine and a coupla Smirnoffs and some champagne and 2 mimosas? I think that's it.

There was also a lot of bonding conversation in the kitchen. Wheee. :)

The reason behind the "mostly" awesome is not something I feel I am authorized to discuss on a semi-public blog. But the awesomeosity outshone it anyway.

1) Attempt 50 Books
2) Begin learning guitar
3) General striving to excellence in acting and other pursuits
4) In complete opposition to what I proposed earlier: as this is my 21st-birthday-year, I resolve to PARTY IT UP. WHOO.
.......within reason, of course. I don't plan on breaking my streak of never getting pukey from the alcohols.

B-Fest tickets were purchased today. WHEEEEEEE. Last B-Fest was a special time for me, in addition to just being a lot of fun hanging with friends and watching a lot of bad movies. So happies are now. This time I will NOT sleep through the blaxploitation flick. I've learned my lesson.

Also, I feel it is time for some superfluousness. See, I ran out to Borders and bought the Happy Feet soundtrack last night after listening to the previews on iTunes. And the fact that it is actually Brittany Murphy singing on those coupla tracks made me swoooon. Cause I have a total girl-crush on her, ohyes. XD And that then got me thinking about the various girl-crushes, few though they may be, that I harbor. So now you get a semi-pic-spam.

Line up, gals )

Now, as with things of a similar nature, I am curious. So, f-list, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to go to your journals and tell us all what celebs/characters you would totally shag/snuggle/snog despite them being not of the gender you prefer.

My apologies if you're actually bi.
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I did it.

My throat feels parched and my palms sore and my arms weak, but I did it. I finally climbed the tree in my front yard.

It's not a tall tree. From the very top I would barely be able to see over my roof. But the first branch is above my head, so (as I figured when I began trying to climb it last year) in order to sit in the very lowest notch I would have to grab onto it and haul myself up almost five feet. A few minutes of trying that, even with my feet braced against the trunk, was enough to tire my arms out.

But today I did it. On this day in December when it's warm enough to frolic--December in New York and 60 degrees. I conquered the first branch of the tree. All it took was trying something a little different, roling onto the branch a different way than I'd been trying to.


I can't wait to climb it again.
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I want to be Steve Martin in the 80s when I grow up.

....that's a contradiction in terms, I know.

Anyway! Something new to squee about: Last week, I auditioned for another student film, a senior thesis. It's a vampire film, called "Curse of the Blood Ruby". And I got in, as the main girl. I get captured by a vampire and get to kill it. With a sword. MWAHAHA.

So yeah, that's filming in February.

My character, Ashley, is described as "smart and very pretty but lacks self esteem." One wonders if my state of emotion on Friday night, when I did the call-backs, had any say in that. *shifty eyes* Mreh. But I'm feelin much better now.

ALSO! Nyack/NJ peoples, I am home from the 12th to the 29th. There must be ice skating and other jovialities. Maybe some kinda LoTR thing, as Iwe are wont to do.


My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 jdezredels a-stomping.
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4 hugging scytheandrosess.
3 Italian bangless.
2 snake lassarinas.
And a drewpersons in a persimmon tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

I hereby register my "no comment" on the [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut one before someone else does.
I like the sound of those Italian bangles, too. ;)
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Song of the Day. Not for any reason I can pinpoint, I've just been feelin' it.

Maybe it's cause [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut and I just watched da Rog *points to icon*
I see a connection, anyway...

The last wave of tests for this quarter begin tomorrow. Yay for getting them over with, but oog for having to do them in the first place. :P

Thanksgiving was marvelous. I brought [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut home with me to New York and we had a fantastically touristy weekend. We saw the Thanksgiving Day parade (okay, so that one I do every year), the 5th Avenue Christmas windows, Jacques Brel, Spamalot, and I took him on a tour of Nyack. We also saw the Tenacious D movie. Bizarre-ness abounds.

And now, quizzes!

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Nov. 9th, 2006 11:04 pm
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So. Uh.

To quickly explain/oversimplify things, I just got "cast" in my first professional show.

To undersimplify: I and the rest of the NU theatre Juniors & Seniors got an e-mail from one of the administrators. Attached was an announcement that a local theatre was looking for college students to act as chorus members in a 10-minute play that's acting as a "curtain riser" to their mainstage (which is called "Dead City". Which... well. Teehee.) There was a number. I called it. The director confirmed that I was available on Sunday for rehearsal and Thursday for performance, and said he'd send me an e-mail with more details. Apparently (I heard this from Quinn, another student who also took up the offer) we're gonna be playing ghosts who haunt the main character. Wooooo.

So ah, yeah. It is completely non-paying and 10 minutes long and I didn't audition, but it is a professional show. In a Chicago theatre.


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I want to rise like I should and do everything right
But I lie awake at night (never sleep)
With questions in my ear (loud and deep)
I wanna join the dance (take a leap)
But the answer isn't clear

Good things are happening. I think. Possibly.
The world seems to be becoming clearer, which is in many ways both a depressing and liberating thing.
Wooo, I am cryptic.
Right, enough of that.*

I went to see Andrew Lippa tonight. He wrote the Off-Broadway The Wild Party and the re-arrangements for the revival of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, as well as the new show Asphalt Beach, which is getting produced here. He was absolutely hilarious and a joy to listen to. Some especially good advice was given when he was talking about the first time he auditioned Idina Menzel: the gist of which was, "Don't be afraid to go crazy and do your own thing."

(*I lied. Suffice it to say that the head of the theatre department and I seem to be developing a repoire. I don't know how special of a thing this really is, since he's kind of everyone's friend, but it feels special to me. It's nice to hear people say they believe in you.
Okay, that doesn't do away with ALL the crypticness, but with a good part of it anyway. I'm too hyper to be deep right now.)

Also, Happy Halloween!

Yup, I did the human-version-of-Bunnie-Rabbot thing. ^__^ One person recognized me, but some people at the party couldn't even get the basic concept. One girl didn't know what a "cyborg" was when I told her. o_O Um.

Also, NaNo starts in a couple days. This is your official warning that I may not be showing up around here a lot in November.

Finally, quizzes.

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EDIT: Almost forgot...

Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko <--- Goooooooood stuff. The movie somehow cut a lot of stuff out and still stayed true to it.
35)) The Men Who Stare At Goats, Jon Ronson <--- Read this mostly on the El today. Creepy-weird stuff.
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Oh yes, my friends. That is Stephen Colbert.

The Story )



Y'know, it was discussed afterwards how if it had been some hot movie star who'd shown up, we would not have acted nearly as fangirly. Why? Because Colbert's claim to fame is not that he is smexay. He's become a cult icon. He inspires people to do outrageous things, like name a bridge after him. And he's damn funny to boot. He is awesome personified. AND HE WENT TO OUR COLLEGE, BITCHES.

I've never had so much school spirit.

Let it...

Oct. 12th, 2006 02:25 pm
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It's snowing.

I was complaining about the cold yesterday, but somehow when there's snow, I don't mind so much.

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Even after spending 2 months in Japan, I had doubts. Mostly because of the pressure involved--the whole reason for going to Japan in the first place was I simply didn't have the grades to get into 2nd year without some serious studying. But it paid off! Hoozah!

Oh. And Collegeboxes came. I got Angie back *hugs the G5* and introduced her to her new little sister (aka Cherie, the laptop). Mwehe.

That is all.

Syrup, Max(x) Barry
Halfway through the book I was ready to get on here and start bitching about how the characters are all asshats, but by the end of it I actually wound up caring about them.
Although they are still asshats.
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My Personality
Openness To Experience
Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report

Ugg Boots, MySpace Codes and MySpace Layouts by Pulseware Survey Software

You are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone. Stressful and frustrating situations can often be upsetting to you, but you are sometimes able to get over these feelings and cope with these situations. Novelty, variety, and change spice up your life and make you a curious, imaginative, and creative person. People see you as tough, critical, and uncompromising and you have less concern with others' needs than with your own. You like to live for the moment and do what feels good now. Your work tends to be careless and disorganized.

Bolded = that which I find especially true )

To paraphrase [livejournal.com profile] rocknlobster, I just about wanted to bold that whole thing. Good, acurate quiz, that.

I identified myself as a Sagittarius for the first time today. Hooray for the spiritual sign.

Last night was.... just what we needed. :)


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