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So because I didn't have much to do today between a short audition and 8 o'clock, I went to Blockbuster and rented two movies- Pulp Fiction and Benny and Joon. Mostly so people will stop telling me I have to see them every time I mention I haven't.

Blockbuster also had Plunkett and Macleane, which ZOMG FLAIL YAY. Assuming the disc's in good shape, I'll be forking over the extra $10 so's I can keep it.

Update on the freak-out scenario from a few days ago: someone crossed their name off in the 5 o'clock slot, so now I can have my B-Fest and audition too. :D Joy and jubilance!

Tonight there will be more clubbing as we go downtown to celebrate a birthday. Goooood times.

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Two World Series wins in 4 years?? Red Sox fans must not know what to do with themselves.

Had a good weekend: the Halloween party was a success; people came, a few people even dressed up, and one person took off thier pants. Apparently that's a DCP party requirement now. We watched 3 movies: Tales From the Crypt (British 70's movie, not the TV show with the punning corpse), The Master of Disguise, and finally I introduced DCP members to the glory that is Zardoz. Really, THAT is a party movie. Hilarious quotable lines in the beginning and then the dialogue descends into drawn-out psychobabble, but that's okay because no one's paying attention anymore, and the visuals are enough to make people look at the screen every so often and go, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!" Plus, Sean Connery in red underwear.

Sunday morning, went to Le Peep for breakfast (banana milkshake. nummmmm) and spent the early afternoon watching football and futzing around on the internets with John. Then I went to an acting class meeting. Everyone's getting geared up for this New Leagues thing: an audition to go to New York and be part of an industry showcase. So, that's that.

Can't believe it's already the 6th week of the quarter.

Finally, as others have mentioned, one of the spiritual communities I belong to has been really active this past week and that makes me very very happeh. Probably a combination of the new members we've gotten recently, plus the fact that Halloween is coming up (thin veil and all that). Whee!
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All around the world there are people who live lives of solitude, shutting themselves up in their rooms for months upon years, working from home or living off their parents. In Japan, these people are known as "hikikomori."

Of course it's not as if there's a nation-wide conspiracy to get young Japanese men so hooked on anime, video games and pornography that they lock themselves up, avoid social contact and are kept out of the work force.

Of course not.

Don't be silly.

Welcome to the NHK.

Welcome to the NHK is "new" anime because it's new to me and it's only now coming to America. Naturally it's already a huge hit in Japan and more hardcore anime fans than I have probably already watched the whole thing :P But to anyone who hasn't heard of it, consider this my recommendation! I started watching it on Tuesday and I'm already up to Episode 15.

And now a poll!

Aside from being a seasonal poll (Halloween soon hooray! And costume party tomorrow night!), this comes out of Lewis Black's routine about candy corn and how much he thinks it "tastes like shit." When I heard that I made a sadface cause I've always liked candy corn. So I'd like to know what y'all think.

[Poll #1078068]

And as long as we're talking about how things taste, I hearby give you all a warning: NEVER EAT A PERSIMMON. I bought a couple from Whole Foods just to try because I'd heard they were a sour fruit and I like sour things. But they're not sour. They're just nasty, especially the texture. It's like chalk. BLECH.

S'all for now. Off to free DDR (and the Toreador clan meeting)!
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1. Psychologist (I am actually interested in what makes people tick, but only insofar as it helps my work as an...)
2. Actor (woo-hoo!)
3. Special Effects Technician
4. Costume Designer
5. Addictions Counselor
6. Dancer
7. Comedian (Thought about it once. Too chicken to try it at the moment.)
8. Sport Psychology Consultant
9. Professional Athlete
10. Composer
The rest + Commentary )

So in one way or another it seems I'm meant to either be creative or help people with their problems. I can dig it.

Speaking of jobs, I'm about to apply for my first-ever actual employment at Urban Outfitters. Wish me luck!


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