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I just asked Eddie Izzard a question. Let's see if he answers it *knocks on wood*
See, "The Riches" has this fan podcast where you can call in and ask a question or add a comment, and maybe it'll get featured. I guess we'll have to see next week! ^__^

The last two days, I've started learning the guitar from m'dad. The plan once I get back in Chicago is to find a cheap-ass guitar on craigslist or in a pawn shop so I can keep learning. Aside from being cheap, a cheap-ass guitar will be good for taking to Burning Man so it can get full of sand.
And for my birthday Dad's gonna sign me up for this online course. He says I should be able to play well enough to play along with myself as I sing by next year, if I work at it. So I choose to believe him.

Nyack folk: I'll see you at "Titanic" tomorrow night!!!

The Riches

Feb. 24th, 2007 04:33 pm
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Official Site

Girl Talk

Jan. 15th, 2007 11:12 pm
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Custom-locked for girl talk, with a few trusted exceptions. ;)
Un-locked. Cause. Stuff. I was being silly. :P

So hey [livejournal.com profile] rocknlobster, it didn't take me as long to finish as I thought it would. XD

Meme: The Top 10 Fictional Characters I'd Nail.

Personally, I don't like the word "nail". But I guess by its use it's suggesting pure sex without emotional attachment or really, anything beyond skin-depp (skin-deep. wow. freudian slip, anyone?) attraction. Which, really, is tough for me to fathom. Usually my attraction to someone has quite a bit to do with the personality or character traits of said person. But I did my best.

You may notice Nick Stahl is nowhere on the list. Believe me, I considered including him, but given that my very first reaction to him was “WOW you are weird-lookin’”, I don’t think we could say it’s a shallow attraction by any means. It’s very much a respect thing, and if anything, respect should matter very little in this meme.

ALSO. There are two characters from Battlestar Galactica on here, and my little paragraphs about ‘em include spoilers for seasons 2.5 & 3. If you care about that kinda thing.

Enough talk.

The Top 10 Fictional Characters I'd... well, y'know. *giggles* )
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This LJ is 3 years old today. :) In memorium (since I've never remembered to celebrate before this year), I direct you to the first post I ever made. Aah, the days of early LoTR-fangirlery. And the days when you still needed a code to create a journal! o_O Yipes.

It also happens to be Eddie Izzard's birthday*. Which is pretty rockin'.

Since my mind was wandering as usual during Shakespeare class, I drew a human version of Bunnie Rabbot ::points to icon::

Image hosting by Photobucket
She would either have short hair or pigtails, I can never decide.
But she has got to be my next Halloween costume... I wanted to do it this past year, but I ran out of time. >_< Aside from BONE's Thorn, she's one of my favorite fictional female characters (aren't I literary).

And it saddens me that only one person has looked at the BONE pics. Go lookee, they make me happy. ^____^

*And Charles Dickens' and Garth Brooks'!

P.S. My journal is an Aquarius, which means it is friendly, original, independant, unpredictable and detached. Here's its horoscope for today:

Travel plans may include the children. Singles should take initiative in romance. Creative types will enjoy increased productivity. The question of how to respond to another's proposal makes you uncomfortable.

P.P.S. And since he wouldn't allow comments on the entry, could someone please tell me what holiday [livejournal.com profile] jdezredel is talking about here? *iz confuzzled*
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Oooh, my achin' everything.

Well, all told, after that first big WTF moment, it turned out not to be a Suck Day. Just a very busy one.
Anyway, when one can apply Izzard-isms to their activities, it is rarely a Suck Day in my book.

The "No Pain No Gain" bit comes from Acting Class. Dawn, our teacher, isn't in this week, so instead we have a movement teacher... Actual exchange between the movement dude and me:

EMILY: I actually had a question... During the arms thing, I rather felt as though I was going to... vomit.
DUDE: Ah! Yes, I'll talk about that tomorrow. Yeah, if you have to vomit, just run out to the bathroom and vomit... Then come back here and put your arms back up.

Luckily three years of kung fu has conditioned me to find enjoyment in the pain of exercise.
Or maybe everybody's got a bit of a warrior in them.

Then after that, I actually did go to a garage (the Arts Alliance garage, to be more specific) to, well. Saw a plank of wood in half. And drill things. All for the sake of "Urinetown".

Then I came back here and took some well-deserved crash time.

Soon I get to go to sleep and get up and do it all over again! ^___^ ::enjoys being busy... as long as she knows what the hell she's doing::
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I saw Eddie Izzard. AND YOU DIDN'T!
(Actually, at least two people who will read this HAVE seen him, so that statement is not entirely true. Anyway, going on...)

Oh my Bob. What a gorgeous, gorgeous human being is Izzard. Funny, confident, smart, with fashion sense. And straight. I just have to hope he's only one in a million, and not one of a kind.

Trin & I met him after the show (and I won't mention the incredibly long time we had to wait... don't want to reveal my shamefully high fangirlish level any more than I already have). It was actually my second time meeting him; the other was for Joe Egg... But this time I got to hug him! And I got a picture. ^_^

Patricia's party was tonight. Watched "Cannibals" (um, yay? Tho it did make me want to be in a college movie. Looks like fun), talked about the Izz, climbed trees... y'know, it's all good. Peoples went to get the "Coupling" dvd, but the video store didn't have it :-( Anyone who wants to see the British "Coupling" can always ask me, by the way!

Oh, and I met a coolish guy, Bill. Didn't get to talk to him much, tho.

The parental units taped "Carnivale" for me. Whee! ::goes off to watch::
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I'm seeing this performance of Eddie Izzard's "Sexie" tour!!! Anyone who wants to come alone + sit somewhere close to where I'll be, try to snag seats as close as possible to the Rear Mezzanine Center, Seats M-101 to M-107.

I'll see 'ya there!!


May. 30th, 2003 04:52 pm
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I asked the Piano Man if he wanted to get some sushi after school- his reply was "Maybe some day when I've gotten more sleep and haven't played a two-and-a-half hour concert the night before." Seems reasonable.

My brother's graduation-celebration is tonight. I must think of something to say... o.O;;

"And then Noah found out that he was actually punching a baboon." -Eddie Izzard
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You like-a de icon? De icon ees gooood. I get you more icon.

(The quote & pic are from "Joe Egg", in case anyone wuz wonderin'...)
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...I can't BELIEVE y'all never took my Eddie Izzard quiz! Well, as far as I know, Val was the only one to take it. Go there NOW... pleez? ::puppy eyes:: And then post your result on your lj and spread the word! ^.^


And if you haven't heard of Eddie Izzard, you probably haven't talked to me much in the past year. :-p
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Ahhh, Friday. Is there a better day? The start of the weekend ^.^

Saw two Broadway shows this week- Two, count 'em, TWO. First off, Thoroughly Modern Millie with da Drama Club- a most adorable show. We were originally going to see Dance of the Vampires but then it got closed...

As for the second show, last night I saw A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. And of course, instead of only being totally admiring of Eddie Izzard as a comedian and actor, I now also have a crush on Bri, his character in the play. Heh ^.^ Even though Bri's a liiiittle bit screwed up mentally. Guess this is a return to my Dilandau days or something ^.^

All right, so maybe Bri's not THAT screwed up. But he's got some issues.

And Mr. Izzard signed my Playbill and shook my hand as well ^.^ Quite fantastic meeting him, though he seemed really tired and not as talkative as the other actors. I wouldn't blame him, though. It's a taxing role.

On to the weekend! :-D


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