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PLAY THE MUSIC MEME! C'mon, people. They can't all be that hard!

So, last night. First Roomie!Matt, Carol, Stephanie and I went to see Lifehouse at Cahn auditorium- my first legitimate rock concert!- and it rocked a ridiculous amount. We were dancin' in the aisles, literally :D Only cost us 10 dollars, too, although I had to get a t-shirt as well because dude, rock concert.

Then, I fell asleep and had a kickass dream:

I'm in the world of Heroes, being chased by the main baddie from Season One. At least it's supposed to be Sylar, except "he" is a black woman. My power is a kind of visual ESP; if I concentrate I can see into the past of peoples' lives (the future too, I think). But unlike Issac, my power only works when the specific person is close to me.

Anyway, after I flee from Sylar, somehow I end up in a forest clearing—me, Mom, Sylar, and another black woman. I’m supposed to use my power to look back into Slyar’s life. There’s a dish of water in front of me, and while the others argue—I don’t know why Sylar isn’t trying to kill me, but I eventually stop questioning it—I start to see things, images swirling in the water.

“I see you,” I exclaim, which makes the others shut up. “Dancing in an African village.” And it’s true. In the water, which has turned a pale red, I can see the figure of a young girl dancing.

I close my eyes, and suddenly a diaginal cut appears in the blackness, and I wince. “And then… a cut.” The next time I close my eyes. I see some numbers. “I see the numbers 597… Or 599.” I open my eyes and look at Sylar. “Do these have some significance to you?”

“Apparently,” she sneers. (BEST PART. I love when dream-characters actually have personalities)

I try to think. “If it’s when you were born, then… That would make you almost two millenia old!” Even as I laugh at the absurdity I realize it might be true. Then I realize that it is.

Someone brings up the cut, and a scar that Sylar has on her left temple. “The scar! Right!” I exclaim. Sylar says something that implies that had I thought of that just after I saw the ‘cut’ it would have been more dramatic. But I’m not letting her get to me.

“Ok…” I look back to the bowl of water, which has turned into nine small sieves. “599 to present day… That’s a lot of history to cover.” I take position again, hands clasped in front of my face, eyes closed. “The cut… and then…” I see one more image, but before I can say what it is I open my eyes, and I’m awake.
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I am in a church in New York City on or near Christmas. My acting class is there, or at least Sean and Joyee are. We’ve got good seats too, in a little room near the front—perfect for when the Pope comes.

We turn and we can see him coming down the aisle of the main chancel in purple robes, blessing people as he goes by. It’s a tradition for the Pope to bless people near Christmas. Read more... )
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I dreamed of redwoods last night...

More Images )
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It is very possible that in this life, I will never have the need or immediate desire to jump on top of a moving subway train and ride it in that manner.

Now I won't feel like I'm missing out.
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I dreamed last night that I was planning to run away to Japan. Not for long, just for a week or so.

In the non-dream world, the cheapest offer for air fare to Tokyo seems to be around $500.

But still, if I ever spontaneously disappear, don't rule it out.


Ficcy over at my writing journal. Battlestar Galatica. Hopeful beginning to a big honkin' Baltar-fic. In any case, I already have dialogue for when he finally meets up with Six XD Forget just having Six in yer head, it's damn hard to concentrate in class with both of them chattering away at each other.


Title: Son of Amalthea - Chapter One: Rejoice
Rating: G (although the story will eventually rate an R)
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: When Gaius Baltar was born, everyone knew his life would be a blessed one.

( Fake Cut to the Writing Journal )
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So last night I dreamt that Saddam Hussein was launching nuclear missiles toward all the major cities in America. And they hit.

This morning on Japanese TV news were memorial services for Hiroshima.

I didn't even know, consciously, that August 6 was the day. My subconscious musta been reaching back to high school history.



The Pirates! In an Adventure With Ahab, Gideon Defoe
28)) A Scanner Darkly, Philip K Dick

Scanner is pretty good, though I think it'll actually work better as a movie. Especially in the format they've done it in. All that's required is for Keanu Reeves not to fuck it up.

Also, the website says it was released in America on July 7. So it may not still be around by the time I get back. BOOHISS. :(

The homestay was pretty rockin'. Too tired to write about it in detail, but... I saw the Naruto movie! :D

Quizzish )
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Back in New York, having psycho dreams. >.< I went to sleep at 2, woke up at 6:30, moved to the living room couch in hopes of more shut-eye.

That's when the craziness started.

I had one of those "dream-you-wake-up" dreams. I was back in Michigan and John's house looked completely different than it actually does, but hey, the dream-self never gives a crap about that sorta thing. And then I "woke up" again. I think I was alternating between Michigan and New York, which probably has some sort of deep meaning.

The downright coolest image in the dream was me and....someone standing in the backyard of my house watching this meteor shower go off all over the sky. But then I would just keep waking up, and believing I actually had woken up until something freaky happened to make it happen again.

Then it got downright creepy.

It was during one of the Michigan ones. I was talking to John and his sister, actually telling them what was happening--that I kept waking up but it was still a dream--and they both got the creepiest smiles, just a little too wide for their respective faces, and I WOKE UP AGAIN. AND I WAS STILL DREAMING.

I started going lucid eventually, remembering tests and tricks that you're supposed to use to test dream-ness. Another wake-up happened when I tried to turn on a light and it didn't work.

So overall this happened at least 5 times. On the last one, it was actually a combo of Michigan and New York--my family in John's house ( I know because Rodney, the cat, was there). My dream self was somehow convinced that if I told my family members something in dream-world, they would carry it into real-world. I told my Dad to get someone to pour water over my face to wake me up. He came back with a pitcher and started pouring, but the water poured just a little too slow to be water, and it didn't work. At first. Then after a few seconds, I found myself back on the couch.

When I did wake up finally, it was just like you see in all the movies when someone wakes up from a nightmare, except without the abrupt sitting up. My eyes opened wide, I gasped, and my skin was sticky with sweat. I laid there for a very, very long time making sure of my surroundings and that I wasn't still dreaming. And even then I wasn't 100% sure.

It was only an hour since I'd migrated from bed to couch, but no way I was going BACK to sleep after that.


Jun. 11th, 2006 12:15 pm
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My name is

Emily the Leprechaun

I am

aggressive, androgynous, babe, bicurious, bouncy, caring, chick, creative, crossdresser, cuddly, cute, dreamer, eclectic, female-born, gender expressive, genetic woman, heteroerotic, hippychick, huggy, kitty, loving, ma'am, miss, part-time, pirate, quirky, romantic, sassy, sensitive, sexy, slinky minx, snuggly, sparkly, spiritual, sweet, switch, tomboy femme, virgin, weird, woman

Who are you?

^ Cool thingydo. Introduced me to some terms I didn't even know existed ("mesbian"? WTF?).

My dreams continue to be vivid and strange. Two nights ago there was one full of Miyazaki-ish images, like flying ships and large men in bright pink armor. Last night I was sung at by the singer from Dresden Dolls, which wasn't exacly a pleasent experience: she was singing "Coin-Operated Boy" at me and pursuing me down a black-and-white hallway. In another one, I was at the first meeting for the Waseda Program and it was a real party.
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The school was under attack. )

...If you were in the X-Men universe and had to be a mutant, but could choose your mutation, what would it be?
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The first 3 posts on my friends list are talking about dreams those people had last night.
I took this as a sign, since I was debating whether to share this:

Last night's dream )


Feb. 13th, 2006 12:51 pm
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I am in a funk.
Part of last night's dream was me frantically trying to finish a paper for Shakespeare class, so I woke up this morning with the terrible feeling that there was something I ought to be doing. And it hasn't gone away. I feel useless. I feel like I should be doing something, and whatever I happen to be doing--even if it's something productive--isn't it.

Well, I guess everyone has their days. I just needed to share that. Hugs would be nice, but at this immediate moment there is no one around to distribute them.

On to funner stuff. Something I discovered yesterday did make me squee, and that was this:

MediaVillage has heard that HBO is seriously considering developing a two hour movie or a four-hour miniseries that would tie up the tantalizing loose ends from the final episode of its supernatural dust-bowl drama Carnivale.
There be spoilers in the complete article, but if you wanna read it, it's here.

50 Books:
6)) The Grey Fairy Book, Andrew Lang
7)) As You Like It, Will Shakespeare

And as for my weekend, all I have to say is: Toora loora...
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I love giving my dreams titles. Recently flipping through a dream journal, I found one entitled "Dom Monaghan loves my breasts".
That dream was not as sexy as it sounds.

So you know what song is like sex? This one right here.

Last night I went to see Brokeback Mountain with the roomies. As we were about to leave I stood up and proclaimed, "Somebody hug meeee!" Roomie Kara kindly obliged.

So yeah, I'm back in Evanston. And... that's sexy?

I has pictures from New Year's Eve ice skating. Behold them behind the cut...

Some Very Sexy People )
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I wrote this morning:
Brothers Grimm + Grey Fairy Book + right before sleep = dfkalsjdgjbfdgadsgh.

Okay, so it might only have a smidgen to do with the Bros Grimm or fairy tales. But I think the whimsical state of mind didn't hurt.

That Dream I Had Last Night )
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2005 Summary )

Christmas was... FANTASTICO. I walked away with comfy pajamas, a Coach Z shirt, Brothers Grimm on DVD, RahXephon Volume 2, The Pyrates!, The Grey Fairy Book, The Orange Fairy Book, and a new iPod to be dubbed Charles the Second. Yes, my last iPod was named Charlie, but Charles II was also a pretty damn good king by most accounts.

And then in the same day we had Hanukkah, surprise surprise. Got a yoga mat. Now I have no excuse not to work out in my apartment. w00t. And GIFTCARDS LIKEWOAH. So excited about those XD

Video-playing iPod + $25 iTunes giftcard = I am SO buying the second season of Lost to catch up.
Don't worry [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut, I won't leave you in the dust. ;)

and while we're doing equations...
Brothers Grimm + Grey Fairy Book + right before sleep = dfkalsjdgjbfdgadsgh.
I'd write out the details of the dream, but I haven't had breakfast yet.

ETA: Final note.

3rd Annual New Year's Ice Skating Party?
Let's talk. ^___^
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Another epic dream last night.

It involved a crowded airport, a race across the tarmac, my acting class (or at least Quinn), a field trip, MegBit, the biggest and most bizarre airplane I've ever seen, a masquerade ball, and Steve Martin.

I'll tell the details if anyone actually wants to hear them. :D

In other news: Handed in my poetry portfolio yesterday. Which means I am henceforth on Winter Break! Hoozah!
Narnia is tonight, and I'm a-comin' home tomorrow.
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The following dream involved me and, oh, about every HP character ever.
Well, kind of.

The school I was going to looked like Nyack High School, but was actually Hogwarts. Where the gym is, was a swimming pool. I was supposed to be in gym class, as were Harry, Fred and George, but we were all skipping. Harry was being emo, as usual, and F&G and I were just roaming around the halls being smartasses at each other.

Then the scene changed. I was sitting next to [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel in a gigantic classroom which also used to be the gym (the swimming pool was gone). We were in Potions class, which means Snape was teaching us. I needed to find out the homework for the class, since we were just about to go on vacation. But when I asked him once and he snapped at me, I figured I'd just ask a classmate later.

Snape had with him a small, very oriental-looking clock which contained the ashes of his father, and was placing it very carefully into a display case. Then he turned to Harry, who was standing next to him, and held out a blank journal. Somehow I knew that Harry was in trouble, and that a huge secret was about to be uncovered. Harry started signing his name, but below it two names started signing themselves, and when they had finished everybody stared. One was the name of Snape's father, the other was Cedric Diggory.

The final secret was revealed: Cedric Diggory was the reincarnation of Snape's father!!

All of a sudden, the action happening in front of us vanished, and was superimposed on an enormous movie screen on the wall opposite us. The credits began rolling, the lights came up. We were still in the classroom.

"I'm so fucking confused," I said as I stepped down from my desk in the bleachers. "...but also, so fucking impressed!" I meant with the movie.

Meg misheard me, and thought I'd said 'depressed'."Aww," she said, and went to give me a hug.

"No no, I said impressed."


"And I still have to find out what the homework is for this class."

Then I woke up.

So yeah, it was incredibly bizarre, but it was one of those epic-feeling dreams, it had a lot of detail and Harry Potter characters, and I got to hang out with Fred and George. So I figured I'd share it.

Back to work.

Quizzes )
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Last night I dreamed that I was Dumbledore.

There was also a kid there who looked like Imriel de la Courcel. He was like, my son or something.


Not any surprises here, really )
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And so WAS rides off into the sunset.

To be 100% honest, I will be very happy to have my weekends (and weekdays!) back.
Though I am very sad there's no official soundtrack being recorded. :( I'll just have to pray it gets to Broadway one day, and then they'll HAVE to make a soundtrack.

Some of my favorite lyrical bits, unfortunately minus the pretty pretty music )

"Firefly"-related dream last night. I was some sort of special Alliance agent after River. She kicked my ass.
Not the most fun dream from my perspective, but pretty badass in hindsight.

ETA: I almost didn't go to the Stage Manager's cast party... I felt like being only a Spot Op, I wasn't "in the club". But I ended up having a good time! We played Celebrity--my team lost, but it wasn't my fault. :P And Dan (aka Jonathon in WAS) is in RL one of the craziest people I've ever met, which is saying something.



And OMG how much is "The Ice Dance" from Edward Scissorhands a perfect theme for Wilbur? *cries*
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Officially the first dream I've had that featured the Bros Grimm )

REQUEST!! Hey Theatre People--who knows what kind of show, musically, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" is? I'm auditioning on Saturday and I need to pick a song. ^__^

Also, I finally did that question meme that's been goin' around.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See a_leprechaun's results. )


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