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It is time for a post about anime/manga. And costumes. Long time since we've had onna those, eh?

I've picked up "Angel Sanctuary" again. I'm way behind, which kind of shames me since I was so excited when it started getting translated into English (way back when I was in high school!). They've printed up to volume 18 out of 20-- I just read volume 12 today ^__^;;; Anywhoooo.

And it is making me want to cosplay. Which is good and bad. Good because costumes are fun. Bad because it's time-consuming, and nobody would know who the hell I was unless I went to an anime convention (or, well, I guess I could just have a photo shoot and post the pics online). But there's something about Setsuna in his revolutionary getup. Or Raziel. Which is, y'know, basically the same costume. XD Only difference is the hair color.

Jibril's outfit in this pic is pretty hot, but I'd probably lose patience with it. ^__^;;

And heck, Katou would be fun to be, too. And I've already got the goggles for it!!
I haven't read it for so long that I forgot-- he was my favorite character when he was around. He hasn't shown up in any significant way for at least 4 volumes. Sadface.

Aaand, just because I feel like it:

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The Obligatory Quizzes )

Now I shall actually go study some Japanese instead of talking about Japanese-y stuff. ^__^;;;
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I want to rise like I should and do everything right
But I lie awake at night (never sleep)
With questions in my ear (loud and deep)
I wanna join the dance (take a leap)
But the answer isn't clear

Good things are happening. I think. Possibly.
The world seems to be becoming clearer, which is in many ways both a depressing and liberating thing.
Wooo, I am cryptic.
Right, enough of that.*

I went to see Andrew Lippa tonight. He wrote the Off-Broadway The Wild Party and the re-arrangements for the revival of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, as well as the new show Asphalt Beach, which is getting produced here. He was absolutely hilarious and a joy to listen to. Some especially good advice was given when he was talking about the first time he auditioned Idina Menzel: the gist of which was, "Don't be afraid to go crazy and do your own thing."

(*I lied. Suffice it to say that the head of the theatre department and I seem to be developing a repoire. I don't know how special of a thing this really is, since he's kind of everyone's friend, but it feels special to me. It's nice to hear people say they believe in you.
Okay, that doesn't do away with ALL the crypticness, but with a good part of it anyway. I'm too hyper to be deep right now.)

Also, Happy Halloween!

Yup, I did the human-version-of-Bunnie-Rabbot thing. ^__^ One person recognized me, but some people at the party couldn't even get the basic concept. One girl didn't know what a "cyborg" was when I told her. o_O Um.

Also, NaNo starts in a couple days. This is your official warning that I may not be showing up around here a lot in November.

Finally, quizzes.

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EDIT: Almost forgot...

Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko <--- Goooooooood stuff. The movie somehow cut a lot of stuff out and still stayed true to it.
35)) The Men Who Stare At Goats, Jon Ronson <--- Read this mostly on the El today. Creepy-weird stuff.
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People around me keep using the word "godly" to describe things. People who don't even have ANYTHING to do with each other. I think this is a sign I'm supposed to start using it, too.

Anyway! On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel and I went to Ren Faire. It got rained out, and we were only able to be there for 2 hours. :\ Which was doubly unfortunate because I was really rather proud of my costume. But I did have a short nifty photo shoot before I left :D Behold ze pictures!: Faery Bard.
What you can't see in these is that I'm actually wearing a dress. Shock and horror, right? ;) It's a snazzy brown velvetty dress with a short, jaggedly-cut skirt. And then I wore brown tights and boots. And a belt with a pouch on it to hold my moneys and camera and phone. And I tied my flute to the belt. HOORAY.
I really like that costume.

Speaking of playing dress-up, I think I ought to share a new fandom of mine, since it's one that not a whole lot of people on my f-list know about, and I'm likely to bring it up in some fashion every now and again.

Back when I'd first arrived in Japan, I was looking through my guidebook for interesting theatre-y places to go. One of the ones that caught my eye was a place called Takarazuka. The book mentioned that it was an all-female troupe that performed western musicals in a very dramatic fashion. Just from that description I knew it was something I had to see.

There should be no question why I found this intriguing. Now, the exact question of why I enjoy a bit of crossdressing every now and then is something for the therapists to work out after I finally lose it :P But I do. And I am insanely jealous that these girls get to do it FOR A LIVING. Check out their cast of 'Guys and Dolls' doing Luck Be A Lady to see what it's like.

Why don't I get to play Sky Masterson (or, as [livejournal.com profile] adampb just made me admit I'd rather play, Nicely Johnson)? Why haven't I heard about anything like this in America? GAH.

And does it seem ironic to anyone else that just when I've started getting back into wearing skirts, I discover that this exists? Good gravy.

Anyway, Takarazuka is Japanese musicalish (godly?) crossdressy fun on a stick, and you can expect to be hearing more about it in the future. :P
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So in the pondering over dressing up for tomorrow's midnight showing of Pirates II, I decide to just take the plunge and go for Captain Jack, because when's the next time I'm gonna get a chance to wear this costume...

...and I can't find the sash. In fact, I think I remember it getting thrown out.


The other option is to go as Generic Pirate Person, possibly Pirate Wench With a Flooshy Skirt, which would be just as fun. It's just frustrating, when I'd already decided it was worth being seen crossplaying in public, for the costume to go and be incomplete on me.

I say again, Arrg.

On another note:

<td align="center"> a_leprechaun --

Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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This LJ is 3 years old today. :) In memorium (since I've never remembered to celebrate before this year), I direct you to the first post I ever made. Aah, the days of early LoTR-fangirlery. And the days when you still needed a code to create a journal! o_O Yipes.

It also happens to be Eddie Izzard's birthday*. Which is pretty rockin'.

Since my mind was wandering as usual during Shakespeare class, I drew a human version of Bunnie Rabbot ::points to icon::

Image hosting by Photobucket
She would either have short hair or pigtails, I can never decide.
But she has got to be my next Halloween costume... I wanted to do it this past year, but I ran out of time. >_< Aside from BONE's Thorn, she's one of my favorite fictional female characters (aren't I literary).

And it saddens me that only one person has looked at the BONE pics. Go lookee, they make me happy. ^____^

*And Charles Dickens' and Garth Brooks'!

P.S. My journal is an Aquarius, which means it is friendly, original, independant, unpredictable and detached. Here's its horoscope for today:

Travel plans may include the children. Singles should take initiative in romance. Creative types will enjoy increased productivity. The question of how to respond to another's proposal makes you uncomfortable.

P.P.S. And since he wouldn't allow comments on the entry, could someone please tell me what holiday [livejournal.com profile] jdezredel is talking about here? *iz confuzzled*
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Today WAS had a photo shoot after the matinee. Mostly it was an official-type thing, but I looked down from the catwalk and saw that actors were snapping pics of their fellow castmembers as well. So I figured, hey...Lucky me, I had brought my camera along today.
And then I came home and made WAS icons ::points to current icon, which is one of three::. I'm starting to fangirl this show way too much.

Moving on...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Rock on.

Last Night's Costume Party )

Final note... dunno if this has to do with veils thinning or the planets being aligned or what, but the last two nights I've had random people on the street say cryptic things to me.

The first one was far more creepy, seeing as it occurred at 3 AM when there was no one else around except [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut (we were walking home from the party). Short, Hunched-Over-Guy in a doorway, standing completely still, his eyes following us we passed: "Time to get back home, go to sleep," he says.

And then tonight, just after sundown as I was walking home... Man With Cane stops me outside the Orrington and starts telling me about how his wife was hit by a car, and shows me the bandage on his leg. Says to tell everybody to wear helmets when they ride bicycles. Bell helmets are the best. I couldn't make out everything he said; he talked very fast. It seemed far more whimsical and randomish than the first one, but still.

And that's all she wrote.

If I had a little magic. . .
I would bring back all that was
Ev'ry joy from long ago that was
Ev'ry angel in the snow that was
And for good
Well, I could
If there's magic...
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Had the house to myself today, so I did a little spontaneous cosplay.

( A lightning bolt wants Earth under the soles of its feet )

Today I...

Jul. 24th, 2004 04:26 pm
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Today I began work on the Ren Faire/Halloween costume of AWESOMENESS.

"Work" meaning ebay purchasing. ^_^;;

In other news, I graduated to Brown Sash in kung fu. One step away from Black!!
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Crazy fun this afternoon seeing TM:R a second time, avec Trin, Wednesday/Coatrack, Jade and Elle. Cosplaying... mmm ^.^ I understood a lot of the crypticness in the movie this time through: I also didn't find myself begging the Architect to shut up, because this time I actually got some of what he was saying. And yes, I now have listened to "Burly Brawl" so many times on the soundtrack I pretty much know how it goes. Was lovin' that scene even more the second time 'round... "It is purpose that binds us..." Gotta learn that speech.

A few inside jokes from today (that you MAY or MAY NOT be on the outside of):
1) Chocolate cake (and all that that implies)
2) Ferrets
3) Powerade
4) No more purple sunglasses
5) The Trinity jacket/The Shiny
6) Me + Wednesday = Trin's bodyguards
7) Red/Blue Jelly Beans
8) "Smitty" ^.^

A kickin' beginning to the afternoon- Wed. and I spot each other as I'm approaching the meeting spot. She turns to me as I advance and we both slip on our sunglasses in a very Matrix-y way. That pretty much set the tone :-D


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