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Say, who drew that there dragon and those there bones? Oh yes, that would be yours truly. ^___^

One by one, they find their way into a deep, forested valley... )

What a fantabulous experience. So much love for the Bone Thugs.

And yeah... that whole thing about not seeing me around for a while? Lol. I'm still trying to restrict my internet-ness, but LJ posts can be made quickly :D Plus now that BONE's done I've suddenly got an extra 4+ hours to my evening.
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...with some very cool news.

Cartoon Books, the publisher of BONE, found out what we're doing. Apparently, someone on an interweb message board comics news website (see P.S.) discovered the Daily article about our stage adaptation, and posted about it. So Alex, our stage manager, got an e-mail from Cartoon Books. I cringed a little at this news when I first heard it. Were we getting sued? Petitioned for a large sum of money? Were they, indeed, angry at all?

The truth is quite to the contrary. In fact, they're so excited about it they want to see a video.

Jeff Smith--the creator of BONE--is going to see me playing one of his characters.


Opening night tonight. [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut brought me flowers. Roomie!Kara gave me chocolate kisses. And my voice allowed me to use it for the full two hours of the show (with a little help from Tazo tea, of course). My parents put a really sweet note in the "ad" they bought for me. It was great to hear the audience laugh and applaud--that last statement might seem a little redundant, but I haven't been in front of an audience in so long that it felt special.


Quote of the Night:
"Kevin, you need to pull your pants up and pipe down." -Sarah Grace.

P.S. Check it out!!

P.P.S. 'Something Wicked' is going out of business. Sad face. But I went in there today and got a Capt. Jack Sparrow action figure for $11. He now stands atop my desk along with Wolfwood and Pippin. Woot!
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The first round of flyering for BONE was tonight--for those not "in the know" (i.e., at Northwestern), flyering is where you and your affiliates go around taping flyers to the sidewalks all over campus. I was unnecessarily excited about this, since I've never flyered for anything before. Even better, I got to do one of the most traveled areas of campus and tape down the posters with colored ink. Ooooo.

Rehearsal was also pretty rockin'. It was different from our previous rehearsals, in that instead of just going through and running things, we worked a bit on the specifics of character--that is, the specifics of my character and her minions. Voice, posture, how they move etc. Squee.

But yeah, that's what's going on at that front. Now for something completely different.

I went to Barnes n Noble just after rehearsal and, after wandering about a bit and discovering the new volume of Angel Sanctuary hadn't come out yet (I pop in whenever it occurs to me to check), I found myself searching the Astronomy section.

Y'see, my usually-passing fascination with space, with 'what's-out-there', has been intensifying as of late. So much so that I even briefly considered changing my major from Theatre to Astronomy and studying to become an astronaut (I was in a Chaotic mood that day, hoo boy). It freaked me out severely. I went into Theatre because it never occured to me that I could do anything else. Now it was occuring to me. Maybe it's just how the innate human pioneer spirit happens to manifest itself in me. I don't really know.

Oddly enough, seeing pictures of what is out there doesn't necessarily make me want to go more. It actually does almost the opposite. People have been there already, and that's what there is. They even took pictures, see? Just another place to go, when you think about it.

What still tugs at me is that there's now another Future-Emily out there. An Emily who rides in centrifuges and shuttles, who wears blue jumpsuits and eats freeze-dried ice cream. I don't dislike the Emily I'm becoming, but the other intrigues me, and I'd like to at least brush elbows with her.

So now I'm reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and contemplating going skydiving with John and the rest whenever they decide to go again. He said it felt like flying, and it's the closest to Zero-G I have the chance of getting in the near future.
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BONE Update!!

The first read-through was yesterday. Which means I have a first draft of the script. Yay! We know it's a first draft, because they told us Act II hasn't been finalized yet, and the last three or so pages were kinda.... missing. But still! Squee!

We went into one of the Norris rooms and sat around a huge square of tables, the production team at the head and us lowly actors surrounding them ~___^ From the moment we started reading, I was fangirling the whole way through. Every time we'd come to a part that I was happy they'd kept from the comic, I did that little fluttery clap I do. Yay for coming off like a crazy person? XD

I only had one or two quibbles, Hooded One-wise... first off, they cut out the part where Lucius and Briar were all mackin' on each other before she "died". They don't even mention it. I wanted my seduction scene! :(
Also, apparently I don't get to carry around a scythe like in the comic. Bah ::sulks::

But! I do have minions. And they kept a lot of the Hooded One's cooler lines. And I actually get to do something in the play that in the comic, Thorn does.

Still a little sad about not getting Thorn. But I'll just have to be the best ebil person I can be.


Dec. 3rd, 2005 12:19 pm
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So by now, many of you may have heard of "Pirates", the new porno that cost $1 million to make. But have you seen the website?
I've never actually wanted to see a porno. I'm not even 100% sure I want to see this one. But dang, is it pretty.

On a new topic. I just might be sending in an app for this. Cause what the hey. :P

'BONE' fundraiser party last night... Good times. I met three of my fellow castmates: the peoples playing Gran'ma Ben and Lucius, and one of the ensemble members. They are all awesomefun people. Yay!
The guy playing Phoney Bone, sadly, was not there. Sadly, because I've been told by at least half a dozen people that he's the greatest guy ever.
And of course I drank eggnog and beer, cause that's all there was... bleh. I suppose an upside to not particularly liking what you're drinking is you don't get too drunk.

And just to make this post a little schizophrenic, how bout a little wholesome folk music with your talk of pornography, pirates and underage drinking? XD
Actually, I've wanted to upload these songs for a while, so I'm just getting done with it. Aselin Debison... I put a couple of her songs on [livejournal.com profile] long_time_ago a while back, so those of you who are there may have heard her voice.

Sweet Is the Melody
The Dance You Choose
The Island (If you only get one of these songs, get this one. It's the anthem of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia--it just lifts my spirits. ^___^)

Finally, because I never got around to posting them before.... A little summer in December.
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photos from Nova Scotia )
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Happy December, everyone.

Yesterday I woke up and it was snowing. It reminded me of last year, when it started snowing around midnight of December 1st. Today I woke up and it was 10 minutes until my last class of the quarter. In the words of Dane Cook, "Just enough time to do NOTHING". So instead I read more of 'Watchmen'--a graphic novel by Alan Moore. [livejournal.com profile] adam_pb sent it to me as a Chrishmash present. I like it so far, but I've gotta take it in small doses in order to process all the shit that's happening.

"American love; like Coke in green glass bottles... They don't make it anymore." -just one of the great quotes I've come across so far. ^__^

So now all that remains is to revise poems, and write two pages of a paper, and study Japanese, and party all the time. The 'BONE' fundraiser party is tonight, and I'm excited for it even though it's a beer-and-eggnog party, neither of which I really like (at least not beer from a keg. yucks). Mostly I just want to meet my fellow cast members. I don't really know any of them o_O

I used to think there was something wrong with me if I wasn't more extroverted, but I'm starting to accept my INFPish nature. Maybe with a side of ENFP, but not much.

Yup, it's definitely December.
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[livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel showed me this website.

The faery in me is so squeeful right now.

If we do end up going next summer, I know exactly what I want to wear. Perhaps with a Wendy Klein mask. One of the simpler ones.

There is much time to plan.

::loves on her new Thorn icon::
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In light of recent events I've begun re-reading the whole BONE series (which I now own in a convenient one-volume edition). It surprised me how I completely forgot how funny it is in the beginning. My love for Phoney Bone ::points to icon:: in particular is completely renewed.

"They can't DO this to me! You can't do anything to a rich person that he doesn't WANT!"
"Oh, cruel, cruel Fate! Why have you abandoned your most beloved son?! ... God, I pity me."
"Help! Help! They've destroyed my cousin's BRAIN!"
"Smiley -- WHY did you keep giving me beer? You know I don't carry DAIRY PRODUCTS!!"

and so on.
Poor little guy's so given to histrionics, you just gotta love 'im.

Went to symphony-ness with the cousin today. It was much less yawn than I expected, though I did doze off a little during the slower bits. Mahler is one craaaaaazy motha.
The soloist in the first piece they did was wearing a long black coat with SHINY RED LINING. He would do those little shoulder-dances that violin players do, weaving back and forth and here and there, and every now and then a flash of red. It was brilliant. Made me wanna write a poem.

Then it was Kara's birthday; we went to Flattop and came back here and had champagne (pronounced "cham-pag-nee"). Deliciousness.
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no seriously. ph34r me.

TO EXPLAIN!! Ok. A student theatre group on campus is doing a stage adaptation of BONE, my favoritest comic evar. So of COURSE I auditioned. I was really hoping to get called back for Thorn--who is the heroine, and who is in my opinion the greatest female character ever created (sorry "Kushiel" fans ~_^)--but instead I got called back for The Hooded One, who is teh EEEBIL. I wasn't disappointed though, cause at least I was called back at all, right? The REASON I have not even MENTIONED this before on this LJ is I was so frickin' nervous that I wouldn't get the part and have to be downtrodden and depressed about it, but NO! I GOT THE PART!


BONE #55

Jun. 30th, 2004 06:01 pm
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Many of you who know me in person know that I often cry at movies. Mostly because I like to allow myself to be emotionally affected by them. But usually, it's only movies that make me cry. Books rarely do it, and I could probably count the number of books I've sprung a leak for on the fingers of one hand.

Usually, comic books affect me even less.

Now, Jeff Smith's BONE #55- the final issue of my favorite comic book ever- has earned its place as the first comic book to make me shed tears...

Bye-bye, BONE. You will be dearly missed.


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