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So I had 1 gin & tonic and 1 bailey's on the rocks, and I was eating at the same time: is there any logical reason I should be this tipsy? o_O

We went to the Celtic Knot after senior showcase. Tha's gonna be me in a year, which seems to be simultanetously a very short and very long time. Our last acting class was taday, and Stephan and I did the final Elena/Astrov scene from "Uncle Vanya." Dawn said it got to a very beautiful place by the end (shame we couldn't start the scene with that same feeling :P). She also said that each one of us had grown in some significant way over the last two years. TWO YEARS. Which also seems simultaneously like a short and long tie. Time. Whatevs.

At the Celtic Knot, Laura started snapping and said she felt like singing something, but didn't know what. So I broke out into "Stand By Me", and [livejournal.com profile] strangemiss joined in. *Loves on the roomie!Jessie*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I'm watching 'Roger Rabbit'. Good times, good times.

Yay summer vacation.

ETA: I am definitely going to be watching some old Bonkers-on-VHS tomorrow. Silly Disney, bringing every other Disney Afternoon show out on DVD except Bonkers. >:(


May. 26th, 2007 11:14 am
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It's Dillo Day, but I'm not really in the mood for drinking.

I am, however, still psyched to be in a show :D

"Travesties" pictures coming soon.
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50 BOOKS 2007
Battlestar Galactica, Jeffrey A. Carver

I am SO behind on this. O_O

Example of how BSG is an amazing show: After seeing everything that's happened since the beginning, to re-experience the mini-series (either watching or in this case, reading) and see in these characters the despair and disbelief at what's happening around them, is to shake your head and say, "You have NO idea..."

Went to the Waa-Mu cast/crew party tonight, after heping Bruce with his film-class project (I was a vampire! and totally got to embrace/devour [livejournal.com profile] intorporeal. Had a couple of Smirnofs, played never-0have-I-ever, engaged in pleasant conversation. Gooooooooooooooooooood times. Hadn't had anything to eat in ling enough to justify all these typos after two drinks ^__^;;;

Emily S said I might be "the new her" next year. I would definitely not mind being the new her at all, especially since she did costumes AND was in the show.

Love and typos,
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I didn't want to post this yesterday, lest anyone think I was April foolin': I've been accepted to BADA!!!!! I will totally be hanging out in Oxford learning theatre for an entire month! Possibly from Fiona Shaw or someone like that!!

*jumps around squeeing, except not really since she's writing this from the library*

I also know at least one other person who is going. He is Zev. He is a crazy and all wonderfully snarky-man-type. Hehe!

One reason this is a milestone for me is it's the first theatre study program I've gotten in that I actually had to audition for, as opposed to just sending in an application and/or resume (and yeah, this includes Northwestern). And they audition all over the world, too. Because they are freakin' Oxford. Mwehehehe.

This also means that I will be in England when the last Harry Potter book comes out. Which means I need to find another reason/time to meet all the RttF-people in person. Ohwellz :\

In other news, I feel like a total hipster today. Rocket Dog shoes, brand new jeans, stripy button-down shirt (tucked in), brown blazer, and big ol' sunglasses. I need a jazz/funk band to follow me around on days like this.

And Happy Birthday-Month to meeeeee! (Days until legality: 26 and countin')
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Everyone on my f-list and their brother seems to be changing layouts in the last few days, and it made me realize that holy jeebs, I've had this layout for a whole year. o_O I ain't about to change it, though. I've even tried to think of other things at times, and none seem quite as good. Magic Butterfly stays!

On to other things. I just had a talk with Dawn, who wants to work next quarter on audition pieces for me, to help me hone in on what kinds of roles should be my strength. This, she says, ought to be based on the kind of impression I give to others, the kind of person I am naturally.

So in light of this, my questions are: Is there any actress you would associate with me, with my looks and personality? Any particular movies or plays I should look at? What do you see as my "unique qualities" as a person? What kind of first impression do I leave?

Things like that.

I would prefer this to be answered by people who both know me as more than just my internet persona, and are involved with theatre. But if you lack one of these and feel there is something you must add, by all means rock on.
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"Lost" was AWESOME tonight. Desmond-centric episode that also largely features Charlie? YES PLEASE.
All except for the ending. Roomie!Em and I were both squealing out, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

....Anyone wanna guess on how many Des/Charlie slashers are gonna come out of the woodwork after that ep? XD (I may not write a lot of slash, but I know the earmarks when I see 'm)

Also, "The Prestige" = a great, great movie. Although it makes the big assumption about its viewers that they're...er... more skeptical than me. But aside from that, it's well-shot, well-acted, and most of the twists (most) blew my mind.

Anyway. Enough about things that other people have acted in, cause I just got cast in a SHOW!!!

Not just any show (though what show, really, is "any show?"). "Travesties", by STOPPARD. I have a huge love for Stoppard, mainly based off of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern", but what more do you need, really :P I am playing Lenin. That's right, I am playing a dude. A revolutionary communist dude. Who hangs out in the library and gets to make a huge speech in Act 2. In a Stoppard play! EEEE.

The shocker was that Gabe was not cast as Tzara. I dare anyone who reads this and knows Gabe to admit, truthfully, that they did not read that character description and think it was a no-brainer. Not that Shane (who did get cast) doesn't fit the description as well, but maybe since Gabe's in my acting class my brain went to him first.

Anyway, I am way too hyper for 1 AM, especially since I have to get up early tomorrow.


ETA: Oh yeah. It goes up at the end of May. ^__^
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So our director, in his infinite wisdom and compassion, has decided that tomorrow will NOT be an outside shoot. Also cause, y'know, it's gonna be about negative 20 degrees outside.

Even today, the one scene that had to be outside to make sense, took about 10 minutes to shoot, and my fingers were getting red by the time I scurried into Norris. But now I have a tall caramel apple cider and all is well.

Time to go nab another of those free notebooks (I've got 2 already XD) and do some writing.
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I haven't talked about much else besides fandoms and music lately, have I? ^__^;; Well, that's about to change.

This coming summer's been something of a quandery for me, and earlier today I was getting hit by the "What The Fuck Am I Going to DOOO"-bug. Part of it might be because it's my last summer vacation before senior year and life as a not-student begin looming, but also since I bought a ticket to go to Burning Man with [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut, which I am very excited about and determined that it work out.

Burning Man goes from August 27 to September 3, and all the summer acting workshops I'd seen so far conflict with that. I mean, I'd be willing to sacrifice a day or two at the festival for the sake of acting, but once you factor in getting back to Chicago and taking the train to Nevada, I'd probably end up missing the festival altogether.

I mentioned this to Roomies Jessie and Emily in passing because I needed to talk to someone about it, and Jessie just pipes up with, "Well, you could do BADA."

BADA as in the British Academy of Dramatic Arts. As in where Jessie went last summer and had a Q&A with Alan-freakin'-Rickman. As in it ends in early August.

So now, at least, I have an option. I would seriously have to rock the audition, but that's not worrying me right now. At least now I know there's something out there that could make this all work.

And how SERIOUSLY ROCKING would it be to be in England on July 21st? ;) It would mean no Race meet-up, but. Mrr. I'm determined to meet you guys in person one way or another; doesn't neccessarily have to be then :)

If anyone else knows about summer acting workshops that end in either early or mid-August, I'd love to have a back-up plan or two. Perhaps I shall ask around the theatre department.

So that's that. On to other things, such as how I was crazy enough to get myself cast in a student film that's shooting outside on the coldest weekend of the season. Yeeaaah, this is that vampire movie, "Curse of the Blood Ruby". And we are shooting all day Sunday. On the lakefill. And my character doesn't get a jacket, since she got captured by the vampire and forcibly taken outside.

Robert, our director, is taking every step to make sure we're as comfortable as possible, urging us to wear extra layers and bring blankets and thick jackets for in between takes, and he's trying to get us a room in Norris for breaks with hot food and drinks. But still. I get cold very easily, so I'm not exactly looking forward to this.

I do have a plan, though, which can be summed up in a couple of points:
A) Go to CVS and get a ton of those hand-and-foot warmer thingies. During filming, I can stash them in my shoes and pockets and bra.
B) Throughout the day, keep picturing Andy Serkis in his Gollum-suit having to jump into that stream of freezing-cold water over and over. If he could do it, so can I.

Oh yeah, and Happy Groundhog Day! :D
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I want to be Steve Martin in the 80s when I grow up.

....that's a contradiction in terms, I know.

Anyway! Something new to squee about: Last week, I auditioned for another student film, a senior thesis. It's a vampire film, called "Curse of the Blood Ruby". And I got in, as the main girl. I get captured by a vampire and get to kill it. With a sword. MWAHAHA.

So yeah, that's filming in February.

My character, Ashley, is described as "smart and very pretty but lacks self esteem." One wonders if my state of emotion on Friday night, when I did the call-backs, had any say in that. *shifty eyes* Mreh. But I'm feelin much better now.

ALSO! Nyack/NJ peoples, I am home from the 12th to the 29th. There must be ice skating and other jovialities. Maybe some kinda LoTR thing, as Iwe are wont to do.


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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

I hereby register my "no comment" on the [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut one before someone else does.
I like the sound of those Italian bangles, too. ;)


Nov. 9th, 2006 11:04 pm
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So. Uh.

To quickly explain/oversimplify things, I just got "cast" in my first professional show.

To undersimplify: I and the rest of the NU theatre Juniors & Seniors got an e-mail from one of the administrators. Attached was an announcement that a local theatre was looking for college students to act as chorus members in a 10-minute play that's acting as a "curtain riser" to their mainstage (which is called "Dead City". Which... well. Teehee.) There was a number. I called it. The director confirmed that I was available on Sunday for rehearsal and Thursday for performance, and said he'd send me an e-mail with more details. Apparently (I heard this from Quinn, another student who also took up the offer) we're gonna be playing ghosts who haunt the main character. Wooooo.

So ah, yeah. It is completely non-paying and 10 minutes long and I didn't audition, but it is a professional show. In a Chicago theatre.


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I want to rise like I should and do everything right
But I lie awake at night (never sleep)
With questions in my ear (loud and deep)
I wanna join the dance (take a leap)
But the answer isn't clear

Good things are happening. I think. Possibly.
The world seems to be becoming clearer, which is in many ways both a depressing and liberating thing.
Wooo, I am cryptic.
Right, enough of that.*

I went to see Andrew Lippa tonight. He wrote the Off-Broadway The Wild Party and the re-arrangements for the revival of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, as well as the new show Asphalt Beach, which is getting produced here. He was absolutely hilarious and a joy to listen to. Some especially good advice was given when he was talking about the first time he auditioned Idina Menzel: the gist of which was, "Don't be afraid to go crazy and do your own thing."

(*I lied. Suffice it to say that the head of the theatre department and I seem to be developing a repoire. I don't know how special of a thing this really is, since he's kind of everyone's friend, but it feels special to me. It's nice to hear people say they believe in you.
Okay, that doesn't do away with ALL the crypticness, but with a good part of it anyway. I'm too hyper to be deep right now.)

Also, Happy Halloween!

Yup, I did the human-version-of-Bunnie-Rabbot thing. ^__^ One person recognized me, but some people at the party couldn't even get the basic concept. One girl didn't know what a "cyborg" was when I told her. o_O Um.

Also, NaNo starts in a couple days. This is your official warning that I may not be showing up around here a lot in November.

Finally, quizzes.

Read more... )

EDIT: Almost forgot...

Night Watch, Sergei Lukyanenko <--- Goooooooood stuff. The movie somehow cut a lot of stuff out and still stayed true to it.
35)) The Men Who Stare At Goats, Jon Ronson <--- Read this mostly on the El today. Creepy-weird stuff.


Sep. 27th, 2006 03:47 pm
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I just made the biggest icon post yet at [livejournal.com profile] lepricons. They're of the Takarazuka Moon Troupe and the Original Dutch cast of "Elisabeth". Go lookee, cause I worked hard on them. :)

Here be some teasers to compel you:

Sooo, [livejournal.com profile] lepricons!

In other news, break out the orange juice and tazo tea, cause I just woke up with a sore throat three days before musical theatre auditions.

I am not going to wallow in this. I'm going to deal with it. Nothing more to do.

Besides, I've got far greater problems in that I still don't know what I'm going to sing. X(
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So yeah. Y'know how I said in a recent entry that I'd like to do a scene from 'Electra'? Well, guess what character Dawn said she wants me to work on. :D I am all a'squee right now.

Also, today I signed up for no less than 4 auditions, one of which is for TWELFTH NIGHT ^____^ I would looooove to be in it. Love love love. Although seeing as how I've already been in it twice, I would be 'meh' about not being in it. So it's not quite a win/win situation, but something close. Win/Something-not-as-bad-as-losing. <.< All of those auditions happen this weekend, and then next weekend are the general auditions for Winter Musicals (Pippin, SomethingFunnyHappenedontheWaytothe Forum, and INTO THE WOODS!!).

Hooray acting. :D

On to more frivolous pursuits. I've gone an got myself a Second Life account. Yes, it costs $, but it's cool beans. Think of it more as an online community than a game... A community where you get to look however you want, and do whatever you want.

My name there is Cris Gallacher. If you sign up, do tell them I referred you. And here's a tip from me: pick a unisex name. SL allows you to change your appearence as often as you want, and that includes switching between male and female and anthropomorphic animal. I almost named my character Maxine, then realized that if I ever wanted to make my character a dude, it would look awful silly. Besides, now my name is the name of a character of mine. Who is techinically male, but meh. "Cris" is a name that can go either way.

Aaaanyway, I am terribly rambly and bubbly at the moment, and I hope everyone out there is having a fantastico day.

Promptly purvey to me that skyline!
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[livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel asked me these questions. If you wanna be interviewed by me and haven't yet, comment away.

1.) What was the most powerful experience that you've ever had with live theatre? (This can be a show that you were in, or one that you saw that affected you.) This question is the hardest to answer out of all of them! But after thinking about it for literally a half hour, I think I've come up with an answer.
My most powerful acting experience would have to be playing Audrey in "Little Shop." It was my first lead role in a musical, I made leaps in my vocal technique thanks to the musical director, and the show's one that I loved and continue to love. It would make me a very happy bunny to be able to reprise the role as a professional.
I've tried to think of a most powerful audience experience, but I can't think of one that seems right. X( I dunno if it's because I've seen so much, or because I like to allow everything I see to affect me as much as it can.

2.) In terms of Tarot, and in regards to the question you asked me... are you ever skeptical about it? What are your feelings on the matter? True or not true? When reading for myself, I've come to the conclusion that what I see in the cards is either a suggestion of the best path, or where the current path will lead if I don't change course. When getting a reading from someone else, of course I have no way of knowing whether they themselves believe in it, or think it's just bs. Still, like [livejournal.com profile] lanthiriel, I've had a couple things happen during or after a reading to make me think that there's some truth in it. Plus, even if it is all a show, the best illusionists deserve a little recognition for their skills ;)

3.) Do you see yourself getting married and settling down? If so, how young? Would you want kids? Getting married yes, but "settling down" just has such a "grown-up" sound to it that it makes me go ewww. XD Life is supposed to be an adventure, isn't it? I might own a house and have children and steady work, but I wouldn't call that "settling down."
Well, it makes sense to me. :P
Anyway, I can see myself getting married, yes. No specific age in mind, but would be nice if it was before 30. And yeah, kids. I'd love to be a mother, someday. Not in any kinda rush at all, probably cause my own mom waited till her late 20's/early 30's to have my brother and me.

4.) If you make it in Chicago, do you ever plan on coming out to New York? That there is TOO much planning ahead for me. But if I end up making a name for myself in Chicago's theatre scene, New York does seem like a good next step. A good option, anyway.

5.) What is one thing you wished you'd told someone, but never did? There were a few things I would've liked to say to a certain person at Shake & Co last summer, but both the person and content of desired saying shall be omitted due to it not being very nice. Besides, by now I'm pretty sure he was just screwing with my head.
Anyway, the best way to prove him wrong would be to succeed.

And now, a new meme! Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] roguebelle.
You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 Things Rogue Never Tells Magneto", or "Narcissa's Favorite Things to Buy"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun! Then you post this offer in your own journal.

Obviously, re-posting after making a request is not required, cause that'd be silly.

Finally, answers to the movie quote meme that people didn't get... Yeah, it was a long time ago, but it oughta be done anyway. :P Also included are reasons why you should see these movies.

Read more... )
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The World of the End trailer! For those who don't know, tis the short film of [livejournal.com profile] adampb's I recently acted in. Rather different from Pat Gets a Cat.

S'all for now.

EDIT: Meanwhile... OMG there's another of me. Who is also an actress.

If she's not in the Union by the time I graduate, it's gonna be a race for the name. XD Maybe I'll have to rock the middle initial.
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So, as is my wont, I wallowed for a day or two and then got off my ass and did something about it.

There's actually two--count 'em, two--options for voice lessons next year. I can audition for the Non-Majors class, or I can take the Musical theatre seminar. Next step, e-mail the prof and ask which are the advantages of either.

Also--omgsquee--the Dolphin Show for next year is 'Into the Woods'. Which I love. Which I know backwards and forwards. I could play ANY female part in that show (except maybe Red Riding Hood. Little too tall for that).

I am going to be in that show. I don't care if it's as the Baker's Wife, or the Witch, or Jack's mother, or an evil stepsister, or even Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, who show up way at the end and have no lines. I don't care; I am getting myself in a goddamn musical at this school.

I can do this.
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I ended up with a D in Japanese. Although if I'm reading the grade sheet right, I still "passed" the class, technically (Courses Attempted: 4. Units Passed Toward GPA: 4).

I will choose to not question this.*

Other than that, no surprises. A-, B+, B. Hurrah.

The past weekend was rather rockin'. On Saturday I flew back here to New York and, only two hours after landing, went to see Nyack High's production of CATS. Freakin' phenomenal, guys. For non-Nyackers who may have forgotten what Nyack's drama club does for their musicals: here and here (very image-heavy pages. the first one has me in it ^__^).
Now imagine that, except.... more. They even had the rising tire. And constellations on the ceiling. I snuck a few pictures of the set during intermission and afterwards; I'll post 'em when I'm back to where my card reader is.
Anyway, I came home afterwards, watched Smile (the musical from my junior year), and felt shamed. Though I did get a little ego boost when the senior playing Grizabella (omgshewassogood) said she remembered me. Teehee!

Then on Sunday I went to Bronxville to be in [livejournal.com profile] adampb's movie, 'The World of the End' in the most dramatic role I've played, evar. It was all me talking to the camera, confessional-style. Check it (large image file)
And as long as we're talking about my film career: 'Pat Gets a Cat' got nominated for Best Student Film at the Bare Bones festival! Yay!

THEN yesterday I went into the city with my 'rents to see 'A Toast to the Past, A Toast to the Future', a fancy-schmancy Northwestern student-and-alumni showcase thing. Much more fun than I expected, especially since I ran into people I knew there (including Morgan, who played Pat in 'Pat')... and because Stephen Colbert gave the closing remarks. omg.
Him, on his memories at Northwestern: "Having sex in Deering Meadow... ah, if only that memory were true."

And Dan Kohler sang "Time" from Was, and I cried like woah.

*Dad tells me that D is a passing grade, when I thought it was C-. Whatev.
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Image hosting by Photobucket
Say, who drew that there dragon and those there bones? Oh yes, that would be yours truly. ^___^

One by one, they find their way into a deep, forested valley... )

What a fantabulous experience. So much love for the Bone Thugs.

And yeah... that whole thing about not seeing me around for a while? Lol. I'm still trying to restrict my internet-ness, but LJ posts can be made quickly :D Plus now that BONE's done I've suddenly got an extra 4+ hours to my evening.
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...with some very cool news.

Cartoon Books, the publisher of BONE, found out what we're doing. Apparently, someone on an interweb message board comics news website (see P.S.) discovered the Daily article about our stage adaptation, and posted about it. So Alex, our stage manager, got an e-mail from Cartoon Books. I cringed a little at this news when I first heard it. Were we getting sued? Petitioned for a large sum of money? Were they, indeed, angry at all?

The truth is quite to the contrary. In fact, they're so excited about it they want to see a video.

Jeff Smith--the creator of BONE--is going to see me playing one of his characters.


Opening night tonight. [livejournal.com profile] herod_the_nut brought me flowers. Roomie!Kara gave me chocolate kisses. And my voice allowed me to use it for the full two hours of the show (with a little help from Tazo tea, of course). My parents put a really sweet note in the "ad" they bought for me. It was great to hear the audience laugh and applaud--that last statement might seem a little redundant, but I haven't been in front of an audience in so long that it felt special.


Quote of the Night:
"Kevin, you need to pull your pants up and pipe down." -Sarah Grace.

P.S. Check it out!!

P.P.S. 'Something Wicked' is going out of business. Sad face. But I went in there today and got a Capt. Jack Sparrow action figure for $11. He now stands atop my desk along with Wolfwood and Pippin. Woot!
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I have ceased to understand Megatokyo. The relationships between characters have started to make me go "huh?" in a convoluted, not-cool way. Which is sad, since it's the only webcomic I've ever followed with regularity.

I have been a total spaz when it comes to auditions all this weekend. I was late for Lovers & Madmen, didn't bring a resume, and blanked while trying to remember the name of a show I'd been in (it was Noises Off >_<). I didn't feel too hot about the audition itself, either.

Then today I had General Spring Quarter auditions at 1:30. I ran through the doors of TI at 1:25, filled out 4 out of 5 sheets at a speed formerly thought incapable by human hands, and caught my breath in time to perform a monologue I wasn't 100% sure I had memorized. The upside here is, I don't think I did half bad.

Tomorrow is Waa-Mu and a show called Time of Your Life. Hopefully I can get through these without too much sweat.

I've almost caught up with the second season of "Lost". Four episodes left to watch until Wednesday. Bwa!


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